Enjoy this Valentine’s Day with your children with this easy fun Valentine’s charcuterie board you can enjoy together. We don’t like to venture out to eat not his holiday, so we thought this year it would be fun to make fun themed snacks for us to share. This charcuterie board is something we can enjoy together as a family.


The kids went shopping and found the snacks they loved the most. We wanted to be colorful and I think we hit that nail on the head. We chose Valentines M&M’s, Swedish fish, conversation candy, gummy rings, cinnamon hearts, and red hots.


How fun is this board full of goodies? The kids added in their favorite sugar cookies, and some chocolate candies. We decided chocolate pretzels would be a great way to finish off this charcuterie board.

Valentines Day Charcuterie Board

The kids had so much fun we decided to make another board for the weekend. With this one I wanted a white and red contrast, it was fun to shop and find items that would work together. We started with strawberries, then marshmallows, cranberries, on to yogurt covered pretzels, and finish with cherry tomatoes. This made for a fun brunch charcuterie board.

Valentines Day Charcuterie Board

These boards are so colorful and look so pretty for any occasion. This is the start of many charcuterie family boards. It is something we can do together, and they are fun to construct.

Valentines Day Food

Keep in mind if charcuterie boards aren’t for you, the same theory can apply to a dessert tiered tray. Still colorful, fun, and beautiful for any occasion.

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