Are You A Content Creator? You Need InfluenceKit

Are you a content creator? You need InfluenceKit

The best way to explain what InfluenceKit is and what it does is to show you. Then you will know why I am obsessed with what they have to offer.

They have been a godsend for me and helped me step up my campaigns with sponsors. I now feel confident pitching brands knowing that I can provide above and beyond what they expect from our partnership.

When I met one of the creators of InfluenceKit Bruno at Blissdom in TN I was instantly intrigued InfluenceKit.

What influencer/blogger/digital creator wouldn’t want a complete toolkit that helps them plan their content and collaborations?

It not only helps influencers, but it also helps the brands you work with. So whether you are an influencer or a brand trying to manage campaigns InfluenceKit is for you!

The Basics

Are You A Content Creator? You Need InfluenceKit start for free

So when you go to you have the option to start for free and see how it works. You can even create a free influencer report.

Influence Kit Rightt place

So go ahead and create your free account today! You can create one report for free every month by signing up through my link.

Create your free account with InfluenceKit

You will then have the option after your free trial to sign up for either their Grow or Pro accounts.


Of of the hardest things as a content creator is keeping all your brand collaborations and information organized. You may have multiple collaborations going on at one time, it can be a lot to keep straight.

What day will you post a Reel, static post, or blog post? It can be so much to keep track of am I right? Well, this is where it gets good.


InfluenceKit Calendars

One of my favorite tools is the calendar option.

I created many different ones to help keep me organized.

InfluenceKit Social Calendars

One of my calendars was a blog calendar.

I loved that I could plan out my mom and keep my blog articles organized and me on track.

InfluenceKit Blog Calendars

Another important calendar was my social media posting calendar. This helped me know when I needed to post sponsored content and daily topics for my Instagram posts.

This was a major plus for me. I could log in anywhere and see what I needed to take care of for the day, weeks, or even months ahead.

Sponsor Hub

The sponsor hub is where you can add each of your collaborations.

InfluenceKit Sponsor hub

This is so awesome because all of your sponsor’s contact information is in one place, easily accessible.

InfluenceKit Sponsor hub platform

InfluenceKit allows me to input every last detail about my brand partners and collaborations. From my contact’s name, and email, to deliverables by date.

InfluenceKit Sponsor hub platform sponsor info

Sometimes you work with a brand multiple times a year. So if you have a summer campaign you can add a new campaign for each collaboration.

Sponsorship Details

InfluenceKit Sponsor hub platform sponsor details

You can even create and check off tasks.

InfluenceKit Task List

So you will know whether you have to do a social post, blog post, or any other task. Just assign the task and due date and you will have everything you need on your sponsor hub.

It allows me to have all my information in one space, from calendars to insights. It helps me streamline the management of all my campaigns.

Product Collabs and Shares

InfluenceKit Deliverables

Brand Partnership Hub

Value to the sponsors InfluenceKit

Brand partnerships are so much more than posting a pretty picture. When beginning a relationship with a band you have to show them who you are, your work ethic, and that you will deliver for them.

With InfluenceKit brands can instantly see how a partnership with you will be a piece of cake. I love that the collaboration stats are generated through a link the brand can look at and always have real-time statistics.

Pull It Together

Influencekit data for sponsors

My favorite part, it gathers all of my analytics in one place that I can professionally deliver to my sponsors. It allows me to look professional and levels me up against the next influencers.

Gone are the days of having to scramble and gather data and screenshots across all your social channels.

With the help of InfluenceKit and its gorgeous reports, I do not have to convince sponsors of my worth.


InfluenceKit Reports

When my collaborations are completed I send a link to my beautiful analytic graphs.

I no longer have to send screenshots and endless information to the brands.

The link I send them will continue to gather data for them, when they need to see it they simply click the link.

Are You A Content Creator? You Need InfluenceKit campaign report

As a blogger/ influencer, you often finish a collaboration with a brand and you are always sure how to content performed for them.

InfluenceKit has allowed me to be able to look at all my stats and see the value I provided.


Sometimes a brand does not see how long a blog post may perform. It’s nice to see those stats changing and growing.

It gives you the tools to reach back out after time and let them know how well it performed. It opens the door for another partnership.

InfluenceKit Connect Platforms

When you use something like this you are literally making the brand’s job easier.

You are giving them everything they need to report back to their boss and say how the collaboration worked.

If I was a brand that is an influencer I would want to continue to work with in the future.

InfluenceKit Influencers

You guys know how much I love the platform and all that it does for us! I sing your praises every time I am at a social media conference.

Join me and so many other influencers and level up your brand sponsor game.

Are you a content creator? You need InfluenceKit

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