DIY Vintage Inspired Cake Stands

I was so blessed toe chosen, along with a few other friends, to compete for the American Farmhouse Style Magazine 2021 Ambassador program. Unfortunately, none of us made it through to the next round, but we are so proud to have been considered in the first place. So me and my friend Brooke @cribbstyle and Jessica @itty_bitty_farmhouse decided to do a small blog hop and share these projects with our readers. Be sure to follow their links at the end of this article to see their projects.

These DIY vintage inspired cake stands are simple, inexpensive, and easy to make. We cannot get enough of them! You will love the end result, they turn out beautiful. These are perfect for cakes, cupcakes, pies, or even to hold your decor! There are so many choices on what you can put on display on your stand.

For this project, I wanted to draw inspiration from that old farmhouse kitchen life. Charming character, home-cooked baked goods, & time with family!I hope this project inspires you to be creative, find ordinary items, and create beautiful decor.

Here is What You Will Need

  • Vintage Cake Pans/Plates (Found these at a secondhand store for .50 cents each)
  • Chalk Paint
  • Stain
  • Wood/Glass/Metal bottom bases

Step #1: Find Your Supplies

Step #1: Be on the hunt for vintage plates, baking pans, glassware, and anything else you think could be a top or base for a cake stand. You can find these at any thrift store, or even vintage inspired items from your local decor shops.

Step #2: Clean Your Items

With this step you want to clean off your vintage dishes and pans, before starting the DIY project. It is important to make sure the area is clean of any debris or stickers before you move on to the next step. Anything on the pan or glassware will show through once you paint the item. So do your best to clean or soak of anything left on the items.

Step #3: Pairing Your Vintage Finds

Step #3: Next you want to decide which top you want to go with each base. This is my favorite part. I love to mix small and large pieces. You can use anything from an old baking pan, glassware, to vintage plates. This part of the process allows you to be creative and find your inner artist.

Step #4: Creating Your Stand

Choose to paint, stain, or leave your finds as is. You can choose to paint, or stain, the base or the top item, or leave it in its original finish. Next mix and match your vintage finds to start designing your stand. You can always choose to paint the base, and leave the top section in it’s original vintage form, or vice-versa.

Step #5: Prepare to Paint

If you have decided to paint or stain, find a surface where you can get started. You want a space that can get dirty, you can lay newspapers or cardboard down.

You can use any paintbrush you have laying around, or pick up and inexpensive one from the craft store. For this project I used the fan brush. I wanted the pans to looked aged and this brush is perfect for that end result.

My Choice of Paint

You can use any type of paint, in your choice of color. My go to is always chalk paint. It does not matter what brand. In this DIY I used the Craftsmart Michaels brand. Chalk paint offers a thicker coverage, which means you don’t have to as many coats as a typical acrylic paint.

Creating the Enamel Look

I love recreating the enamel pan look. To create an original enamel pot look, I went with white chalk paint.

Second You will probably need about two coats of paint, if you are using chalk paint. You may need more coats if you choose a regular acrylic paint.

You want to paint the rims of your vintage items, to give them the enamel look. This ColorShot Premium Marker made a perfect line. It was easy to use the paint marker to just go around the ring. The marker made a perfect enamel color ring, with the paint look, and no mess.

Get Creative with Colors

How cute would this enamel colored ring be for different seasons? Red ring for Valentines Day or Christmas? You could do fun colors for Spring and Summer.

No Paint Metal Stands

This is a fun easy way to do this DIY with no paint. You just need to add a little glue to the ring of the base! We found these metal bases on clearance at Michaels. These vintage bake pans were at our local Goodwill. These vintage bake pans were at our local Goodwill. You can style these with decor, or your favorite desserts.

Vintage Glass Plate Stand and Tray

Bake Pan Stand

For this stand we wanted to use these plates we found on clearance at Walmart, and stands we found on the Dollar Spot at Target. You could do single stands, or even get creative like we did and make a two tiered tray. We showed you how to style with decor, or even food with a vintage touch!

Take any old metal bake pan round, square, rectangle. Find a fun vase, or candlestick, and create! I painted everything with chalk paint. I have a lot of wood maple tones in my home, white is a great choice for contrast for my counters and table. Wait for the chalk paint to dry, then put a dab of glue on the wood bases to connect the bake pans. They turned out amazing!

Glass DIY Vintage Inspired Stands

Take any old metal bake pan or plates and pair with your favorite glasses! The amber is a vintage glass and the blue one is a recently purchases glass from a home decor shop. If you do not have access to vintage decor, you can go online and find vintage inspired glasses. Be creative, and shop for the perfect color and texture to bring you or vision to life.

Finished Project

I think these DIY vintage inspired stands are great for everyday use, or for special occasions. The best part of this DIY, is you can make and create them for just a few dollars.

Check out your local thrift stores, garage sales, or home decor clearance aisles. You can find some creative ways to create stands, two, or three tiered trays.

Most importantly have fun, there is no road map here. You can be creative and pair two, three, or more items together. Why not create stands to match any room or space in your home?

We are linking some of our favorite vintage plates and glasses here if you need some online inspiration.

For a fun decor DIY, check out our DIY Topiaries!

Brooke’s @cribbstyle

Head over to Brooke’s blog and check out her project!

Jessica’s @itty_bitty_farmhouse

Jessica @itty_bitty_farmhouse

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