Everything You Need To Know About The Haven Conference

The Haven Conference is an influencer, blogger, DIY-er, entrepreneur, social media conference. Attendees gather to teach, share, and inspire one another, and mingle with amazing sponsors. If you’re wanting to grow your blog, your brand, or your business, this is the place to be in July.

Tickets for Haven went live today and I wanted to share my tips and experience at Haven 2019.

If you have landed on this blog you’re either interested in attending Haven, attending this year as a newbie, or maybe you have been to Haven in the past. 

This was my first Haven conference, I can remember in 2018 at Haven and I felt left out of the loop. I had never heard of it, and all my friends and mentors were having so much fun. So I vowed in 2019 I would be there and I made it happen. This year I am coming back to Haven as a speaker with my business partner, Jessica from Itty Bitty Farmhouse If, this does not tell you how fun and life changing Haven is, then keep reading friends!

This was my first Haven conference, I can remember in 2018 at Haven and I felt left out of the loop. I had never heard of it, and all my friends and mentors were having so much fun. So I vowed in 2019 I would be there and I made it happen. This year I am coming back to Haven as a speaker with my business partner, Jessica from Itty Bitty Farmhouse If, this does not tell you how much life changing and fun all at the same time Haven is, then keep reading friends!

Know Before You Go

You may be trying to decide if Haven is the conference for you. These are some questions and concerns I have been asked since attending Haven, and I will share my thoughts with you. 

Common Questions

I don’t know anyone going!

This is exactly the place to be. People will make you feel welcomed. From the Haven kick-off meeting for newbies, to your newbie name tag badge, you will be greeted with smiles upon smiles. You will also be part of a mentor group. This means you will already have a group of friends waiting to meet you. You will leave with new friendships that will last for years to come. 

I am an introvert I feel like I may not fit in at Haven! 

We were so surprised at the amount of people I met at Haven that said this very thing. I can tell you there is a lot packed into the Haven weekend, so I recommend you retreat to your room or a quiet space if you feel overwhelmed. 

I do not want to start a blog, or I am new to blogging. Whether you are an experienced blogger or not a blogger at all, Haven has so much to offer you. 

If you do not blog but have a business or you are trying to build your social media presence and work with brands you will love Haven. There are many beginner courses for your business website, branding, and social media growth. 

If you’re new to blogging, you will quickly learn so much from the veteran bloggers. Everything from how a blog can work for you, to secretes to get you a jump start of blog traffic and growth.

What To Bring

Let’s start with the basics:

Business Cards: You will need cards to hand out to every single person you meet (Don’t be mortified its an actual thing.) You will meet so many people and brands that this is how people will remember you. I truly wish I would have had cards with my photo on them. This is super important it truly helps people remember who you are and the conversations they had with you. 

Media Kit

You don’t necessarily need to have a printed media kit. I would recommend having it accessible in a PDF or a link to email to brands. Keep it updated as your rates and social stats change. You can find media kit templates on Canvas or you can use Zine which is always updated and allows you to send a link to brands.


We did receive a Haven notebook in our swag bag but depending on how many classes you attend you may need more room to write.


Choose your sessions you want to attend ahead of time. Once you arrive at Haven there is so much going on, its best to have a plan in place. Go through the schedule on the Haven website. You can create an account and save your entire schedule. You won’t be able to attend all the classes, but some speakers will share their classes on the private Haven Maven Facebook page. Once you buy your ticket, join the page. Start chatting with other attendees and this will help you feel connected to other attendees.


Take advantage of the Mentor group you are assigned to. Mentors are amazing and are there as a resource for you! This is also a great way to meet other attendees and make new friends. This is your time to ask questions and get tips and tricks of the trade. I can honestly say you can learn so much from just talking to attendees.


Talk to as many brands and attendees as you can physically handle. Networking is a huge part of this huge social media world we live in. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to anyone you want to meet. The brands are on-site to meet you. So utilize this time to say hi, get their contact information. Tell them about upcoming projects you have planned and how their brand would pair well with yours!


At Haven there will be tons of events, attend as many as you can. Thursday thee is a Welcome Reception, which is a great way to break the ice and meet some new friends in a relaxed setting. Friday is Friday Night In and this is such a fun event. There are a ton of DIY round table events, wine, and treats. Last but not least is the Party on Saturday night! Last year was an 80’s party and it was such an amazing part of this event. It was a time to break loose, have fun, and soak up all the leg-warmers and leotards!

It’s Worth the Work

You will be exhausted but take every single opportunity to soak up as much as you can. You want to learn everything you can, meet as many people as possible, and make those important connections.

I would also recommend taking as many photos, and documenting everything, on your social media platforms. Many of the brands have giveaways for those who tag them during the conference. Show them what you can offer, how will you share them in the future. Make your splash and make it big!

DIY Paradise

Haven is a DIY-er’s paradise! You will have the chance to check out new products, tools, paints, and so much more. So if you have plans for any upcoming DIY’s get your editorial calendar updated and share with the brands about your projects.

You Will Leave Inspired

Haven will leave you feeling inspired, grateful for all the connections you have made with new friends and sponsors, and energized to set goals and rock them. I had so many ah-ha moments at this conference. Moments that changed my path to where I was going. I can say hands down just meeting my IG friends in real life was my absolute favorite part of this journey. I would recommend Haven to anyone looking to grow their blog, social media presence, or Pinterest.

My biggest takeaway from the Haven Conference was to know your own worth. You can make a million excuses on why you aren’t where you want to be. But when you get out of your won way, wow how things can change.

Me and Jessica @itty_bitty_farmhouse are so excited to share that we will be teaching a session on How To Organically Grow Your Instagram Audience! We are so excited to share all the things! Be sure to head over to Jessica’s blog today, she is also sharing all things Haven!

Please let me know any questions you have in the comment section. I hope to see you in July 16-18th in Atlanta at Haven Conference 2020! Be sure to grab your tickets at the early bird price! This trip os so worth it, you can’t afford not to attend!

Also check out my social media tips on other helpful Instagram tips!

  1. Charity says:

    Thanks for sharing this informative post! I just bought my ticket and this will be my first time ever attending Haven! I am so excited to learn as much as I can! It looks like such an amazing opportunity!

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