How To Make DIY Christmas Snow Globes

Who is ready to learn how to make DIY Christmas snow globes?

With just a few materials you have fun gifts or decor!

snow globes on mantle


  • Faux Snow
  • Plastic or Glass Jars with Lid
  • Ornaments
  • Hot Glue gun and Glue
Faux Snow
vintage ornaments

So this is a super simple quick and easy DIY.

Simply unscrew the lid and place the jar off to the side for later.

Make sure you heat up your glue gun.

Next you want to glue your ornament to the underside of the lid.

Be sure not to get too close to the edges as you will be screwing the lid back on the jar.

I added a vintage ornament I had on hand, and a mini bottle brush tree.

Once you are done gluing your items you want to add a little bit of snow to your jar.

Maybe like 1/8th of the jar.

Simply screw your lid back on and flip.

waterless snow globes on table

I hoped you enjoyed learning how to make DIY Christmas snow globes.

These make the best gifts for friends or family.

You can also customize these to match your Christmas decor.

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Waterless Christmas Snow Globes
How To Make DIY Christmas Snow Globes

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