How To Make Faux Carmel Apples

Here are some quick and easy instructions on How To Make Faux Carmel Apples.

Such a fun addition to your fall decor this year.

I am loving all these fall DIY’s are you?

Finished faux apples with fall ribbon

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how to make faux caramel apples materials
  • Faux apples
  • Gloss Mod Podge
  • Wooden Dowels
  • Carmel/Brown Paint
  • Small Bowl
  • Paint Brush
  • Plastic Spoon
  • Parchment Paper
  • Paper Plate
  • Sophresh Crumbled Pine Bird Litter or..
  • Kay-Kob Bird and Small Pet Litter

Let’s Get Started

how to make faux caramel apples dowel rod in apple

The first thing you want to do is place parchment paper down on your work space.

Grab your faux apple, remove all tags.

If it has a stem remove that as well.

Take your wooden dowel and push it into the hole you stem came out of.

how to make faux caramel apples wooden dowel rod

Next take your small bowl, and mix 50% Mod Podge and 50% paint.

how to make faux caramel apples mix paint and Mod Podge

The Mod Podge will give your paint a very shiny finish.

The Mod Podge also gives the paint a little more holding power, then simply using paint alone.

Adding Your “Caramel”

add faux caramel to DIY apples

Take your paint brush and start adding the faux “caramel” mixture about 3/4 up your apple.

I would recommend just tapping around the top verses a clean brush stroke.

You want it to appear real, and have that “dipped apple” look to it.

If you add a good amount it wont give the brush stroke appearance to the apple.

Just pat it on to cover the bottom, and pat out the bubbles.

how to make faux caramel apples and nuts

You wont see much of the caramel it will be covered in the bedding.

Set the apple off to the side (about 5 minutes) to allow it time to get tacky.

If you add the bedding now they may be heavy and pull off the paint.

Let’s Get “Nutty”

sprinkle nuts on faux apples

Now it’s time to use that paper plate we sat off to the side.

This will catch all the extra nuts as they fall.

Take your caramel apple, and grab your bedding.

Gently drop the faux nuts onto the painted part of the caramel apple.

You don’t want the paint to splatter, so use caution.

Very lightly tap the nuts onto the apple to help them settle into the paint mixture.

Keep adding the nuts until your apple is completely covered.

adding fauxnuts to top of caramel apples DIY

Leave your apple to dry for quite a few hours.

You want to make sure it completely drys and hardens.


how to make faux caramel apples fall ribbon

You can take ribbon and tie it around the handle.

Just tie a bow to the stem of the dowel.

Finished faux apples with fall ribbon

It looks super cute.

Gives your apple a little something extra special.

candy applke on plate table

These would be super cute on a tablescape or on the kitchen counter.

apples on shelf with fall sign

You can even add them to a shelf.

Want to step these apples up?

Use some essential oils to drop into your nuts, they are super absorbent.

You can add some pumpkin or fall spice smell goods to your apple this year!

on counter candy apples

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How To Make Faux Carmel Apples
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