Our Holiday Photo Chaos

I would love to tell you that our holiday photo shoot was fun and easy. The picture perfect, easy-going photoshoot, I wish! I always see holiday family photos across Instagram and they look flawless. I think to myself, I wish we have thought of something cute for a family photo. So I said 2019 was going to our year!

I knew we needed a cute outfit! We got our matching pajamas from @lazyoneinc. The ones we chose were in their holiday collection the Sweater Bear Collection. They are so cozy and comfy!

I knew I wanted something fun, and less traditional for this years photos. So we set up the camera, and within ten minutes my youngest was in tears. He was over the entire creative process. So with one child crying, the camera taking random shots, someone’s eyes closed, and a few sneeze’s I gave up. What you don’t see here is my youngest pulling away, heaven forbid he is hugging his family and there is proof of it.

We did manage to get a few good shots, out of the 50 we took. I have learned over the years of parenting and trying to get our littles to do things they were less than interested in, pick your battles.

What did I learn? The best shots are the ones you take and you are having fun. We didn’t even tell the kids to grab their faces in this one, and it is my favorite. Also if you look closely there is one random ornament near Mike’s nether regions (a follower pointed that out to us.) Even with all the chaos and imperfections, it is my favorite one! It is real, and it is our chaotic little family.

So what I learned in 2019 when it comes to family photos, you get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit. I was so worried about getting the perfect photo, instead I fell in love with the imperfect ones instead.

Here’s to an amazing 2020!



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