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With the New Year well underway, we wanted to give our bedroom a much needed makeover. Shifting our focus away from Christmas, and find the inspiration to decorate for Winter.

Nurture Your Spaces

Unfortunately, in the past I have neglected my bedroom, it was the one room in our home, that was rarely seen by our guests. My bedroom is my sanctuary, my place to relax and unwind.

Piper Classics

Working with Piper Classics in the past, and I knew I wanted to use their products for this bedroom refresh. Piper Classics has some of the best bedding, greenery, and decor.

The Plan

For this refresh, my plan was to stick with cozy, neutral, natural, and warm tones. To create a dramatic, yet soothing space. Most areas of my house are light and bright. To accomplish this I wanted to add in warm tones in the bedroom, to give off a relaxed vibe.

The Inspiration

Of course, as soon as I came across the warm cream ruffled Olivia bedding at Piper Classics, it gave me all the inspiration I needed to plan my relaxing bedroom refresh. My mind started to see the whole room laid out, and it was picture perfect.

Piper Classics Farmhouse Bedding

De-Clutter Your Space

In addition if I could offer any advice when you want to makeover a room, it would be to first declutter the space.

Not to mention, this can be overwhelming for anyone, when you have too many “things.” Cluttered spaces don’t relax us, they can stress us out.

Leave Stress at the Door

First, when it comes to bedrooms, my next tip would be leave your work at the door. Do not bring it into this space, your bedroom should be a space to relax, and unwind.

Moreover, try and leave as many stressors as you can, outside the bedroom. Another piece of advice is to refresh your spaces, with each new season.

Woods & Greens

Piper Classics Farmhouse Bedding
England Boxwood Hanging Plant
Piper Classics Farmhouse Bedding
farmhouse decor
Piper Classics Farmhouse Bedding
Quart Mason Jar
quart mason jar decor

First, I wanted to bring in some greenery, that was a must-have with this refresh. Of course, part of me yearns for greens, and fresh plants, after all the snow, and cold weather. The feeling of something new and refreshing, reminds me Spring is just over the horizon.

Touch of Vintage

Piper Classics Farmhouse Bedding
Wicker Capri Jar
Piper Classics Farmhouse Bedding
Capri Wicker Jar
Wicker Capri Jar

This capri jar was just the texture and warm wood tone, I wanted to incorporate into the bedroom. With all the cream tones, I wanted the wood and green to pop in this space.

Piper Classics Farmhouse Bedding
Fern Canvas
Fern Canvas

For awhile, I had been on the hunt for a Spring Print, just like these! BINGO! Can you believe I found them at Piper Classics. They have print #1, Print #2, print #3, I love the look of the weathered creamy fabric canvas. These were designed to look vintage, and complete this space!

Perfectly coupled with pop of green above the bed, which I layered two of the of the New England Boxwood Garlands.

Piper Classics Farmhouse Bedding

The texture and color of the Olivia Bedding from Piper Classics was absolutely perfect for this space, and it’s on sale for a limited time.

Piper Classics Farmhouse Bedding
Standard Shams
Olivia Pillow Case

Who wouldn’t love the Olivia shams and pillow cases? The little pom-poms add the perfect pop of texture!

Piper Classics Farmhouse Bedding
Cozy Knit Pillow
Cozy Knit Diamond Pillow Cover
Cozy Knit Diamond Stripe Pillow Cover
Knit Diamond Stripe Pillow Cover

Lots of Layers

Winter brings on the shorter days, and colder nights all the more reason to pile on the pillows. Who doesn’t love a cozy space with tons of layers? I like to layer standard shams, textured pillows, and Euro shams. Lots of layers are a must!

Piper Classics Farmhouse Bedding
Euro Shams
Olivia 20″ x 20″ Pillow Cover
20″ x 20″ Olivia Pillow Cover
Piper Classics Farmhouse Bedding
Piper Classics Olivia Drapes w/Pom Pops
Piper Classics Farmhouse Bedding

We all get super chilly in the colder months, this Olivia Bedding from Piper Classics is the perfect amount of cozy.

Piper Classics Farmhouse Bedding
King Bed Skirt
Piper Classics Farmhouse Bedding

Be sure to head over to Piper Classics and see all their bedding, and farmhouse decor for yourself.

Everyone needs a soft, warm place for our body to land at the end of the day. Not only do we want you to stay warm and toasty this Winter season, refresh your bedroom with Piper Classics.

**This post was sponsored by Piper Classics**

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