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We cannot get enough candles in our home! They give off such a cozy vibe, and a special scent for all of your spaces. rustic DIY candlestick holder has to be one of my favorite DIY decor projects to date. Taper candlesticks are fun to change out for each season to add to your table, […]


Rustic DIY Candlestick Holder

DIY Candle Holder Table View

Cozy Farmhouse Fall Decor Ideas for 2020

Fall Decor

I know it is only August, so you may be thinking, Wendy why are you posting about cozy farmhouse fall decor ideas for 2020? I always share each seasonal trend before in hopes of inspiring you when you start decorating. And what better way to find great decorating ideas for 2020 then to create a […]

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Fall decor Wishlist

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