9 Tips for Decorating Using Large Art Pieces

I can’t wait to share these 9 tips for decorating using large art pieces. Large art pieces have the power to transform a space by elevating its aesthetic appeal and imbuing it with character and personality.

Incorporating oversized artwork into your home decor—be it a striking painting reminiscent of the work of Renaissance artists, a contemporary piece like skateboard wall art with bold lines and colors, or a majestic sculpture—can make a bold statement and set the tone for the entire room.

9 Tips for Decorating Using Large Art Pieces

Large art pieces can be tricky to display or incorporate into an existing design. So, here are
practical tips that will help you maximize the use of large art pieces in your home and allow you to
unleash your creativity and express your individuality through art:

Make It a Focal Point

Large art pieces serve as natural focal points in a room, as they easily command attention and guide the
eye. To make the most of this effect, position your art piece on a prominent wall where it can take
centre stage.

For example, you can hang a single, large painting above the fireplace in the living room or
place a bold sculpture in the entryway to welcome guests. Anchoring the room with a large art piece
creates drama and instantly elevates the overall aesthetic of the space.

Keep Scale and Proportion in Mind

When choosing large art pieces for your home, it’s essential to consider scale and proportion to ensure
harmony with the surrounding space. If you’re working with a small room, opt for a single oversized
artwork that fills the wall without overwhelming the space.

Conversely, in a large room, you can
experiment with multiple large art pieces, one medium or large art piece surrounded by smaller ones, or
a single statement piece to make a bold statement.

Balance the Piece with Other Elements

Large art pieces should complement rather than compete with other elements in the room. To create a
cohesive and harmonious space, balance the visual impact of your art piece with furniture, accessories,
and architectural features.

You can pair a large abstract painting with minimalist furniture and neutral
decor for a sleek and contemporary look or perhaps juxtapose a bold statement piece with vintage
furniture and eclectic accessories for a more layered aesthetic.

Striking the right balance between large
art pieces and other design elements allows you to create a visually compelling and well-curated space.

Mix and Match Styles

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles of art to add depth and personality to your home
decor. Experiment with combining large contemporary artwork with traditional furnishings or large
contemporary posters with vintage accents to create a visually engaging space.

How about hanging a
vibrant abstract painting above a mid-century modern sofa or displaying a collection of classic movie
posters in a sleek and minimalist bedroom?

Mixing and matching styles adds interest and character to
your home and allows you to showcase your unique taste and personality through art.

Consider the Theme and Mood

To create a cohesive and harmonious space, choose large art pieces that resonate with the theme and
mood of the room. A tranquil bedroom that is designed for relaxation may be paired with large paintings

that depict serene landscapes or abstract prints in soothing colours that will enhance the sense of calm
and serenity in the space.

For a vibrant and eclectic living room, on the other hand, choose bold and
colourful artwork to inject energy and personality into the space.

By selecting art that reflects the
desired atmosphere and complements the overall theme of the room, you can create a cohesive and
visually pleasing environment that reflects your style.

Frame it Right

The framing of large art pieces plays a crucial role in enhancing their visual impact and complementing
the overall decor of the room.

Choose frames that coordinate with the style and colour scheme of the
artwork, while also complementing the surrounding decor.

For example, opt for sleek and minimalist frames for contemporary art pieces or ornate and gilded frames for traditional or vintage artwork. That said, there are artworks that can be mounted as is without any frames, such as canvas prints or paintings.

Experiment with Placement

Experimenting with different placement options for large art pieces can add visual interest and
dynamism to your home decor. Instead of simply hanging artwork at eye level, for instance, consider
alternative placement options likeleaning oversized paintings against the wall or clustering multiple
pieces together in a gallery-style arrangement.

Play with asymmetry and negative space to create a visually dynamic composition that draws the eye and adds depth to the room. This will help you create a unique and personalized display that showcases your art collection in an innovative and unexpected way.

Remember to Layer and Texture

Large art pieces can add texture and dimensionality to your home decor by creating depth and visual
interest. You can achieve this effect by incorporating tactile and textured paintings, mixed media
artwork, or three-dimensional sculptures into the room.

A textured canvas painting in the dining room
can add warmth and depth to the walls, while a large sculptural piece on a console table can create a
focal point in the entryway.

Maximise Lighting Effects

Effective lighting can enhance the beauty and impact of large art pieces by creating dramatic visual
effects and highlighting colours and details. Install spotlights, track lighting, or wall sconces to illuminate
artwork and play with different lighting angles and intensities to create shadows and highlights that
enhance the texture and dimensionality of the art piece.

Doing these strategically will enable you to create a dynamic, visually stunning display that adds drama and sophistication to your home decor.

By following the above-mentioned tips, you can create a visually stunning and well-curated space that
reflects your style and enhances your everyday life using large art pieces. The key is to be open to
experimentation, let your creativity shine, and infuse your home with art that speaks to your soul.

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