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I am so excited to show you how to make miniature decor with a LulzBot 3D printer. This 3D printer has been so much fun to learn how to use. We started making mini dollhouse decor a few months ago and we are loving it. The LulzBot TAZ Pro S is an industrial desktop 3D […]


How To Make Miniature Decor With a LulzBot 3D Printer

Check Out Our New LulzBot Taz Pro S 3D Printer


We have been wanting a new shop toy and we are so excited for you to check out our new LulzBot Taz Pro S 3D printer. Most of you know I have a new found passion for all things miniature. The hard part is finding all the farmhouse, vintage, decor that my heart loves. This […]

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Taz Pro S 3D Printer set up side view

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