Check Out Our New LulzBot Taz Pro S 3D Printer

We have been wanting a new shop toy and we are so excited for you to check out our new LulzBot Taz Pro S 3D printer.

Most of you know I have a new found passion for all things miniature. The hard part is finding all the farmhouse, vintage, decor that my heart loves.

This 3D printer is just what I need to bring all my mini visions to life.

Taz Pro S 3D Printer happy mail

3d Printer Research

When I was searching online for reviews LulzBot kept appearing in my searches. After doing some extensive research I learned this machine was exactly what we needed.

After reaching out to the owners and having an amazing conversation, I knew it would be the perfect fit for me and my business.

Disclosure: This was a gifted product. All the opinions about this product are my own and in no way swayed by anyone. I will always honestly review products.

The LulzBot TAZ Pro S is an industrial desktop 3D printer provides large, 1.75mm material printing, with LulzBot’s award-winning reliability.

We can create large functional prototypes, manufacturing aids, and print-on-demand parts with easy, professional results.

What I love most is this machine is made in USA.

Taz Pro S 3D Printer glass plate

Machine Details

  • Single Extrusion tool head
  • 1.75mm extruder prints a wide variety of 1.75mm filament  – from TPU and nylon to PLA, ABS, and rigid carbon-filled high-strength materials. 
  • Dual nickel coated hardened steel drive gears provide unparalleled pushing power, lightning fast retraction, and uninterrupted material flow without fear of grinding or slipping.
  • Large 280 x 280 x 285 mm build volume with heated build plate.
  • Automated X/Y/Z offset calibration, nozzle wiping, and self-leveling features.
  • Enhanced 32-bit electronics for greater processing power, more memory, and quiet operation. 
  • Filament runout detection.
  • 5″ full color touch screen.
  • Cable chain and reinforced electrical connectors for long wire harness life.


Once we downloaded the design software Cura (Which is free) that both prepares your files for printing (by converting your model into GCODE), and also allows you to control the operation of your LulzBot 3D printer.

Taz Pro S 3D Printer quick set up guide

There is a quick start guide video on the website to refer to.

Once that was set up we were able to download pre-made designs from They have over 600,000 designs ready to download and print.

Before we get too complicated and try to create our own designs, we wanted to practice with ease.

Our First Print

Taz Pro S 3D Printer nut on computer
Taz Pro S 3D Printer printing test file
Taz Pro S 3D Printer printing bolt test

Once we did the test print, it was off to the races.

We started printing some miniature jadeite dishes.

Taz Pro S 3D Printer jade dishes being printed

Although Mike (AKA the Hubby) really wanted to print a tactic gun as his first choice, I had to through a flag on the play. As much fun as it sounds to shoot tactics around the house.

Aren’t these the cutest things you have ever seen?

miniature dollhouse jadeite plats on table
Miniature Jadeite Plates
Miniature dollhouse Jadeite Bowl
Dollhouse Jadeite Bowl
dollhouse Jadeite Mugs
Faux Jadeite Coffee Mugs


I love that the LulzBot team offers education through lessons and tutorials on their website. I am all about learning everything I can when we have a new toy.

Their newest program, LulzLessons, is meant to bridge the gap for educators and bring 3D printing into the classroom.

They also have tons of great YouTube videos and tutorials to help out the new user.

You can also find a vibrant community of users on the LulzBot forums and facebook groups.


LulzBot machines come from the factory with 1 year warranty, and they welcome people to reach out with any issues or concerns they may have their machines.

They also offer a 1 year, 2 year, and 3 year extended warranty on their machines.

You have access to their technical support team when you need it. They have full time support staff in Fargo, ND so getting help is no problem at all.

My Thoughts

This printer was pretty much ready to go right out of the box for the most part. Which was amazing!

It is also open hardware and supports a full open source programming chain.

So far I am in love and it is a top-quality printer. As time passes I will update my experiences in upcoming articles.

Do you have suggestions for things we can try to print? What other things would you like to see made with my new printer?

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Check Out Our New LulzBot Taz Pro S 3D PrinterCheck Out Our New LulzBot Taz Pro S 3D Printer

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