4 Dollhouse Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

Today I am sharing my top 4 dollhouse Instagram accounts you need to follow.

Dollhouses are a fascinating hobby that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. They’re a great way to express your creativity and to create a miniature world that’s all your own.

If you’re interested in dollhouses, then you should definitely check out these four Instagram accounts.

Trust me you won’t be disappointed.

Gone are the days that dollhouses sit in the corner of a nursery.

Home decor accounts just like me are finding ways to recreate the spaces we love in a “mini’ version for you to enjoy.

It is a hot design trend you will want to hop on as soon as possible.

Not only is this a fun creative outlet, it is a way to showcase trends and spaces in a way that you love, just in a tinier version.

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I hope you enjoy these accounts, as they are not only successful businesses, the people behind the brands are amazing.

1. Jessica Cloe Miniatures

Can I say how much I adore this small shop. They caught my eye, straight out of the gate. When it comes to farmhouse dollhouse look, they are on point.

This is a popular account that features beautiful, realistic dollhouses. The creator, Jessica Cloe, is a talented artist who takes great care in her work. Rob and Jess work very hard, and that shows in everything they produce.

Their mini spaces are so gorgeous you just want to move right into their dollhouses. Simply breathtaking.

white wood farmhouse dollhouse Jessica Cloe
Read about the “Long Farmhouse” via Jessica Cloe

I chose their Shepherd mural peel and stick wallpaper for my master bedroom wall. I am also following their tutorial on shadow box molding for this space.

Shepherd Mural Peel and Stick Wallpaper

The quality of their flooring reviews is what made me decide to use the rustic medium wood planking sheets throughout my dollhouse.

dollhouse flooring wood warmer tone planks

They even have printable wallpaper and flooring.

You can check out all their free DIY tutorials here and shop their mini’s here. Follow them on Instagram @jessicacloeminis and subscribe to their Youtube channel for more inspiration.

2. Dollhouse Daydreams

Kelly the designer behind @dollhouse_daydreams is my first official dollhouse community BFF. Not sure if she wants that title but she has it!  

She is another great account that features a variety of dollhouses, from traditional to modern. The creator, Kelly, is a frequent collaborator with other artists, and her feed is always full of new and exciting content.

She has been nothing short of open arms welcoming into this new chapter. Kelly has given me the confidence to knock down walls and remove flooring.

Dollhouse daydreams mini shop
Kelly’s Mini Pink Cottage Shop

I have spent hours on video chats, talking about ways to save money and create a dollhouse I will love.

I had so many questions going into projects, she was a bug .

A friend I can run something past, and feel confident in the decisions I am making.

Dollhouse daydreams mini basket etsy shop
Find this cute basket and more in Kelly’s Shop

You can find her on Etsy with some of the cutest miniatures in her shop you won’t be able to resist.

Mini Magnolia cottage dollhouse

Follow along on her Instagram as she shows you her 2022 Magnolia Dollhouse renovation.

She has a heart of gold, and is unbelievably talented too boot.

3. Deck to Farm Charm

Next I want you to meet Marina from @deck.to.farm.charm.

Deck to Farm Charm is a unique account that features dollhouses that have been renovated or repurposed. The creator, Marina, has a great eye for detail, and her work is always inspiring.

Her designs will make you feel right at home, literally!

beautiful farmhouse dollhouse view of entire home

She renovates and designs the most gorgeous dollhouse spaces, that make you do a double take! You would think you were looking at someone’s home, not a dollhouse.

dollhouse bedroom deck to farm charm
Deck to Farm Charm living room

Don’t even get me started on the cutest items in her shop, if you don’t have a dollhouse you will want one after looking through her feed.

From furniture, linens, to farmhouse mirrors, I am hooked.

dollhouse farmhouse table
1:12 scale dollhouse farmhouse table kit
textured white dollhouse pillows
Textured dollhouse throw pillows
farmhouse mirror anthropology dupe dollhouse
1:12 scale mirror, Dollhouse Miniatures decorative mirror

4. My Miniature Emporium

Let’s start by saying I have over thousands of dollars in my cart on their site.

If I could afford to furnish my entire new tiny home with their products I would easily.

I am captivated by the craftsmanship of @my_miniature_emporium products and designs.

My Miniature Emporium is a great resource for finding miniature furniture, accessories, and other supplies. The creator, is a passionate dollhouse enthusiast, and she has a wide selection of items to choose from.

My Miniature emporium dollhouse kitchen view

This shop is based in Australia they ship to the US.

I already received my first order, and I am hooked.

I try to bulk order to make the shipping worth the order.

They do offer free shipping on orders over $250.

Here are a few items I purchased for my first order.

My Wishlist

Some items on my wishlist are, keep in mind there are 100’s so narrowing it down is so hard.

Be sure to follow along on this new dollhouse journey with me.

We will be sharing everything from start to finish and a ton of inspiration along the way.

Boys can have model airplanes and cars, why can’t we have dollhouses?

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the many great dollhouse Instagram accounts out there. I encourage you to explore and find accounts that you enjoy. Hop over to Pinterest and find some talented dollhouse creators, you’re sure to find inspiration for your own projects.

I hope you enjoyed this blog article!

Looking for more inspiration check out my first dollhouse remodel?

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4 Dollhouse Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow Pin 1
4 Dollhouse Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

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