Check Out Michaels New DIY Modern Mini Line

I was so excited to check out Michaels new DIY Modern Mini line, and I wanted to share a few of my thoughts with you.

****UPDATE*** Michaels has unfortunately discontinued this line online and in my local store. Hopefully some of you can still find it around your local Michaels. Sad because prices were great, too bad!

Originally my Michael’s didnt have it and I almost ordered online, I am so glad i waited to see them in person.

A lot of the items I almost ordered online, do not really fit into the 1:12 scale.

So I am sharing which items I think are true to size in case you want to order from the site and ship them to you.

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Most of the furniture was not 1:12 scale however this egg chair seemed to be the perfect scale.

The furniture they have is a super great price.

I was so excited about the cabinets, refrigerator, tub, and more, but it was too small.

But again you cant beat the price and quality if you like the smaller items.

DIY Modern Mini Rattan Egg Chair
DIY Modern Mini™ White 8-Cube Storage Accent


Lighting can be one dollhouse item that can run you a pretty penny.

So when I came across these at this amazing price, I had to buy one of each.

DIY Modern Mini™ Silver & Clear Pendant Light
DIY Modern Mini™ White Pearl Chandelier
DIY Modern Mini™ White & Gold Table Lamp

These come in a few other colors as well.

So be sure to check the site and see all the available options.

If these styles of lamps are not what you need, you can also buy a neon sign. 

Neon signs are relatively more atmospheric and can also make the dollhouse more lively and energetic. If you want the decorative effect of your dollhouse to be more in line with your own expectations, you can also customize a neon light according to the style, size, and overall color of your dollhouse.

Custom Neon Sign can better show your personality and make your dollhouse stand out and I believe this one is more in line with your requirements.


I am excited to say most of the accessories and decor will fit perfectly into your 1:12 scale dollhouse.

They had a ton of items to choose from and this is just a small portion of my favorites.

DIY Modern Mini™ Green Leaf Garland

DIY Modern Mini™ Natural Wicker Basket

DIY Modern Mini™ Candle Decoration

DIY Modern Mini™ Succulent Decoration


Who doesn’t love a good dollhouse sign am I right?

These are scaled to perfection and so adorable.

DIY Modern Mini™ Framed Laundry Sign Set
DIY Modern Mini™ Letterboard Set

These letterboards are just so cute, trust me you will love them.

DIY Modern Mini™ Black & White Foliage Wall Art Set


My Michaels had I think three different styles of books, I couldn’t pass up the farmhouse ones.

The botanical ones are perfect for our DIY greenhouse.

DIY Modern Mini™ Botanical Books, 3ct.
DIY Modern Mini™ Farmhouse Books, 3ct.


It’s the perfect time of year to add some greenery to you dollhouse.

These are just a few of my favorite plants from the new line.

DIY Modern Mini™ Hanging Plant

DIY Modern Mini™ Green Plant in Basket Pot
DIY Modern Mini™ Potted Fiddle Leaf Plant

DIY Modern Mini™ Green Plant in White Pitcher Vase


Michaels has so many great accessories in this line, but here are just a few that I couldn’t live without.

DIY Modern Mini™ Gold Shower Set
DIY Modern Mini™ Office Set

DIY Modern Mini™ Gold Telescope
DIY Modern Mini™ Hanger Set

Food & Kitchen

It can be super hard to find great kitchen food and decor, so I was in heaven when I came across these.

Be sure to grab some of these beauties before they sell out.

DIY Modern Mini™ Rainbow Cake
Mini Pastry Plate by ArtMinds™
DIY Modern Mini™ Soda Bucket
Mini Wine, Cheese & Fruit Plate by ArtMinds™
DIY Modern Mini™ Wood Bowl & Plate Set
DIY Modern Mini™ Wood Server Set
DIY Modern Mini™ Clear Cup & Bowl Set

Did you enjoy our blog today “Check Out Michaels New DIY Modern Mini Line” if so let us know which items are your favorite in the comment section?

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Check Out Michaels New DIY Modern Mini Line PIN COLLAGE
Check Out Michaels New DIY Modern Mini LineCheck Out Michaels New DIY Modern Mini Line

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