Check Out Our New Thunder Laser Nova 35

Check out our new Thunder Laser Nova 35 laser cutting machine.

The Nova 35 laser engraver is one of Thunder Lasers most popular machines. It is available in 80w or 100w and has a 35″ wide cutting area.

Thunder Laser Nova 35 cutting machine

Let me start of with saying that I loved this machine is made right here in the USA.

Thunder laser stands behind their products 100% and their US based customer support.

Unboxing crate with our new thunder laser nova 35 cutting machine

Bells + Whistles

Lets talk about some of the amazing features on this laser cutting machine.

We opted for the ThunderCam System, which is an optional camera system to visually render the laser bed in the software.

Thunder Lasrer Cutter ThunderCam system
Thunder Laser Cutter ThunderCam system

The Hybrid-Servo motor the LeadShine HBS57 closed-loop stepper motors are capable of engraving speeds up to 39″ per second.

Hybrid-Servo motor the LeadShine HBS57
Hybrid-Servo motor the LeadShine HBS57

The pass-through doors allow you to work with pieces larger than the size of the bed.

thunder laser pass through doors

The alarm lamp visually alerts when your job is finished running.

Alarm Lamp thunder laser
Alarm Lamp Thunder Laser

Thunder Laser Smart Board turns the exhaust system on and off automatically so you are not wasting precious HVAC.

Thunder Laser Smart Board


There are so many Thunder Laser accessories for you to choose from.

4 inch lens thunder laser
4 inch Head
Hi-Res LenS
Roller Rotary
Roller Rotary

Final Thoughts

So far we are just loving this machine, it is quiet and fast. We have had zero issues and I am in love!

Be sure to reach to reach out to Thunder Laser with any questions about any of thier machines. Follow them on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

thunder laser sticker

We are having so much fun creating all the things. I will check back with you next month and let you know how we are doing.

We hope you enjoy our block “Check Out Our New Thunder Laser Nova 35.”

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Check Out Our New Thunder Laser Nova 35 pin 3
Check Out Our New Thunder Laser Nova 35Check Out Our New Thunder Laser Nova 35

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