How to Make A Christmas DIY Pottery Barn Wreath

When I saw the Pottery Barn Asymmetrical Faux Pine Wreath, I had to have it. However, with a $249.00 price tag I decided to DIY it. I thought I would try my hand at how to make a Christmas DIY Pottery Barn wreath at a much more affordable price.

Farmhouse Christmas bedroom


  • Grapevine Wreath
  • Floral Wire
  • Pine Branches
  • Pine Cones
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hott Clue Sticks
Materials for wreath

Grab all your materials and let’s get this party started. This truly is just an easy project. Not only does it save you a ton of money, it will be a gorgeous focal point on any wall in your home.

Faux Greenery Branches
Green Angel Pine Stem

I chose this greenery because it was the closest I could find to replicate the Pottery Barn wreath. It didn’t have pinecones, but that is ok I can pivot and add them later.

Floral Wire
Floral Wire
Pinecones in bowl
Mini pinecones
Glue Gun in package
Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

Let’s Get Started

Grab your wreath and just start adding in your greenery. You want to make sure you layer and rotate each side so they are equally full.

Place first sprig of greenery in grapevine wreath
Greenery in wreath

You can see here we added in this is two layers of greenery placed on top of each other layered downward.

Wide Shot Adding Greenery in wreath

Once all your greenery is in place, you will want to secure with floral wire. This greenery had some weight to it with all the layers. So this is just an added barrier to ensure the branches don’t fall off.

Adding wire to wreath to secure branches
Placing last piece of greenery in wreath
Tie wire to secure branches on wreath
Completed Wreath Pottery Barn Dupe

Once all the branches have been secured, it was time to add the pinecones. If you can find branches with pinecones then you can skip this step. We chose to use a hot glue gun to glue to the pinecones to the branches.

Glue Pinecones to wreath branches
close up of pinecones on the wreath branches
Wreath finished with Pinecones

That was it. Easy as pie right? You can choose to add in more decorations, a bow, or keep it simple.

One large wreath two smaller wreathes Christmas on shiplap wall and white bed farmhouse Christmas garland
Three large wreaths on wall Christmas bedding
farmhouse style Christmas bedroom with white and red decor and flocked tree

Hope you enjoyed How to Make A Christmas DIY Pottery Barn Wreath. What an affordable way to have a department store wreath, without paying the high prices. Be sure to also check out our DIY Christmas Stamped Tea Towels.

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Pottery Barn Dupe Wreath Pinterest Pin
How to Make A Christmas DIY Pottery Barn Wreath

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