DIY Built-In Guest Beds

Looking for a fun idea for your guest bedroom? These DIY built-in guest beds are sure to wow your guests!

This was one project we had been wanting to do for quite some time. My husband came up with the built-in double bed plan, and I was on board instantly. 

Built in Beds

This room offered us very limited space. With the slanted ceilings and very very limited space for furnishings.

With a space like this, that offers limited use of traditional furniture, with very small, angled spaces, you have to get creative, I really wanted to use every inch of space wisely.

We knew we needed to get creative to make it a comfortable space for our guests, which usually include our children’s friends.

Demo and DIY 

Bedroom Space Before Remodel

First we removed the trim and the carpet. We had wood flooring left from a previous project and it worked perfectly in this space. Mike doesn’t use plans or I would happily share them with you. He just has an eye for these things and just gets them done.

Removed Carpet Started Built-In Structure

Mike framed out the space, made sure we had room for each twin mattress. This would be a great time to utilize the under-cubbies as a storage space. We opted not to, we have a large closet in this space, and I didn’t need any more junk drawers. Our children love to stuff items in drawers, so we opted not to!

Building Inside Walls
Shiplap Inside & Outside of Built-Ins
Trim Off Built-Ins and Put in new Flooring

We cut our own shiplap check out our tutorial onHome Talk here!

Tips for Getting the Most of  Your Smaller Spaces

Some tips to making a space feel larger are to make sure there are specific areas for sleeping, working, and entertaining.  Use a bench or bed with hidden storage. Incorporate a full length mirror which, will help surround the room with light, and make the room feel bigger.

Love Your Spaces

If you are not in the space you want, you can find a way to love the spaces you are in. I know how it feels to be in a home, and not feel at home. Traveling with the military, and renting a home over the internet without seeing it, was a regular part of our lives. I can get creative, and find a way to make our house a home. There is always a way to make your spaces amazing. Don’t be afraid to move furniture, play with you space!  There is nothing a little paint can’t fix.  I hope this inspires you to find a way to love every room in your home.

Completed Project 

Lighting from Destination Lighting
Linens and Hutch Bedding
Wall Murals Wallpaper

Product Sources

Bedding is from @linensandhutch Linens & Hutch have the most amazing sheets and bedding around. I use them on every bed in our home. Seriously every single one!!  You can find the sheets, which are the Stippled Patterned 4-Piece Sheet set and the Down Alternative Comforter in sage on their site! I wanted to have different shades of green in this room to give off that cabin feel. This color combination worked perfectly for this space.

Lighting is from @destination_lighting we chose the Lite Source Norco Black Antique Brass Swing Arm Lamps for this space. The lighting needed to swing as needed and to provide adequate lighting for our guests. These are amazing, and give the farmhouse cabin look I was going for!

Wallpaper is from @muralswallpaper it’s called Woodlands and was exactly what I wanted for this space. Murals Wallpaper sent us a how to guide that walked us through each step of the installation.  The process was simple and easy to do even for a first time DIY’er.

Flocked tree is from @kingofchristmas I have about six of their trees in my home and love every single one! You can check out all their tree’s and they are even offering my readers 10% off with code: THECURATEDFARMHOUSE

Cabin Theme

I hope you enjoyed our DIY built-in guest beds for small rooms, and how we transformed this space from a room with little space to a guest bedroom retreat.

DIY Built-In Guest Beds Pin 4

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DIY Built-In Guest BedsDIY Built-In Guest BedsDIY Built-In Guest Beds
  1. lynne says:

    LOVE the scout theme….. and the wallpaper…… everything looks great!!!

    • Wendy Zock says:

      Thank you so much Lynne. We just love this space it is so cozy. Thank for the love on this blog post! Means so much to us!

  2. Michelle Wilson says:

    This is such an Awesome idea I absolutely love it would be perfect for my granddaughters ones 8 the other 3 can’t let them sleep together cause they wanna play and stay up all night so this would be perfect they have there on space and can’t touch the other lol Thank you for sharing

  3. Jen says:

    Oh wow. This is so cool! Your kids must love it! I know mine would!

    • Wendy Zock says:

      Jen they sure do. They always have friends wanting to stay over. I can’t lie I may sneak up there for a nap every once in awhile too!

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