Easy Ways to Declutter Your Home

Is your family in the habit of putting all the mail and other junk in one area? Here are some easy ways to start to declutter your home! I am going to call this the dump zone! In our house this is a few places! Next to the fridge, my three-tiered tray, and our kitchen island drawers!

Junk Drawers

This is it folks our dump zones! So embarrassing, but this is real life!

Step #1: What is Landing in Your Dump Zone?

If these “Dump Zones” are building up clutter every day, let’s figure out what is landing there, and give those items a designated space in your home. This can be as simple as getting organized and using baskets or other areas for these items to land.

Clean Counter

Step #2 Clean Space Daily

My first tip is to clean this area every single night! These junk spaces will fill up every single day, that is inevitable. So let’s get in the habit of clearing them out every day. The more you clear them, the less likely you will continue to put items there.

Bathroom Clutter

Step #3: Focus on Smaller Areas

It can be very overwhelming to declutter your home. My advice is to start with small areas. Make a space you can go through items, and start with smaller cluttered areas in your home.

keep or donate

Step #4: Decide on What Stays, and What Goes!

Start with a few boxes or bags that you can organize items into: Trash, Keep, Donate. Once you separate items it begins to get easier to tackle larger areas. But remember, if you’re deciding to keep something, know where you are going to put it, so we avoid more clutter.

Clean Organized Kitchen

Step #5: Get Busy, Take Action

When you have finished going through your cluttered area, it’s time to get busy. The keep items need to be put where you plan on keeping them. Having a pile of keep items, is just still clutter. Put it away and keep it organized. Take the trash out to the trash, and drop the donation items off at a local charity, or schedule a pickup. DO NOT PUT THIS OFF! If you do your back at square one with clutter! Get to tossing that clutter!

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