Heart of The Farm Planner

Can ya’ll believe we made it to a new decade? 2020 means a fresh start…and for me it means a new yearly planner. I wanted to share with you the Heart of the Farm Planner.  I highly recommend it to anyone that is wanting to be more organized and keep on track in the new year.

Heart of the farm planner
9.75 x 8.5 inches (1.25” thick) 
January 2020 – December 2020

This planner has everything! It comes in this adorable white keepsake box!

heart of the farm planner
White Keepsake Gift Box

If you are looking to get organized for 2020 this planner is for you. It has beautiful illustrations, monthly dreams + goals and inspirational quotes.

heart of the farm planner
Daily Calendar Pages (full page per day, shared weekends)
Schedule by hour from 6am – 9pm

Whether you are looking for a place to put your praise and prayer, or gratitude Heart of the Farm planner has you covered. You can also list your top 3 priorities for each day, which I love. This keeps me on task and allows me to set reachable goals for each day.

heart of the farm planner
12 Full-Month Views

It also allows ample space for your notes and ideas. Allowing you to gather your thoughts & check them off each month. It also has health tracking checkboxes, meal planning. It ha a soft touch cover, gold, sturdy wire-o binding. I love that it lays flat making it easy to use. with sturdy mylar tabs you can easily flip back and forth between months. It also has a catch-all pocket on the inside cover.

heart of the farm planner

Why use a Planner?

I don’t know about you but I feel like there is never enough time in the day. So why not try and schedule your time effectively? Are you are always on the run, moving from one task to the next? I find that using a planner makes it easy for me to schedule all my appointments, events, tasks, and deadlines. Planners keep me on track, and actually allow me to have some extra “me” time and time to enjoy my family.

Manage Time Effectively

Planners also make you more productive in both your personal and work life. You want to work to be productive in all aspects of your routines. Sometimes you need time to clean, get organized, write a blog article, or volunteer at your child’s school. A planner will keep track of every individual task you need to complete. A planner also helps you move toward completing these task effectively and more efficiently.

heart of the farm planner

List Maker

When I make a list or have things written down I feel as if I have more control over the chaos. I feel stressed out when I can’t visually see my week at a glance. Hectic schedules can be stressful enough without having to try and add something to our calendar on our phone. My alarm never goes off to remind me, and I miss an appointment. Has that every happened to you? So if I have my planner with me I never miss a beat.

I love to use my planner to schedule time for me! Whether it’s a lunch date with a friend, reading a book, or taking a bath. If I scheduled and set aside the time, I can actually have time to take care of me!

Head over to Heart of the Farm Planner’s website and use code: CURATEDFARMHOUSE for 15% off their entire site.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Years! Be sure to check out our blog about our goals for 2020!

XOXO Wendy

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