My Goals for 2020

My Monday motivation this week is to set my goals for 2020! I will check in each month to see how accountable I am for each, so be sure to follow along. What are your goals for this year? Share with me in the comment section! Let’s motivate each other to have an amazing 2020!

Plan Healthier Meals

Are you like me and you so get busy, it can be hard to decide what to make to feed your people? This is one of my downfalls and I really to need to get better at it.

So this is the year! I want to make meal planning part of my weekly to-do-list tasks. We all want to live a ling healthy life, and that can be very dependent on what we put into our bodies.

Meal Planning

Prep Ahead Meal Planning

There are plenty of meal delivery services out there, Hello Fresh is my favorite. I love that there is no commitment and it is all fresh and affordable. So if you don’t have time to shop, simply choose your meals and everything is mailed to you. You can quickly grab the ingredients and make your meal in minutes.

I also love 5 Dinner 1 Hour. This cookbook is $5 off with this link today! 5 dinners is a prep ahead meal prep system. The meal plans and recipes are all prep ahead. So you an easily prep on the weekends to make these meals on busy weekdays. You can also just cook the recipes if your not planning ahead.

With 60 dinner recipes which feed 6 You can watch them live prep over on their facebook page! You get 12 weeks of meal plans with 5 recipes for each week.

Say No

I am a yes girl, always have been. It is super hard for me to say no to someone, even when I should. I feel like I can always take on another task or duty. I can always lend a hand, or go the extra mile. However, I have learned in the end this only hurts me and my family, when I take on to heavy of a load. My time is precious and I can never get it back. So I need to ensure that I do not overload myself.

So my goal is to balance work and life. Take on what I reasonably should, and balance the rest. This may be holding off on a collaboration or project until the next month when I have more available time. Learning to say no will be a challenge, but it is one I happily accept.

Get Organized

I always start off the year with a new planner, and think this year will be different. I will organize my life! That steam seems to wear off usually by February. I have learned over the last year that committing to staying organized reduces the amount of stress in my life. This also allows you to spend your time and energy on other more important things.

Planners & Online Scheduling

So this year I am using my new Heart of The Farm Planner. I am already loving writing down my life, so I can keep track of appointments, due dates, and blog deadlines. Their products are amazing, and pretty to boot! Be sure to use my discount code: CURATEDFARMHOUSE for 15% off the entire website!

I have also been using InfluenceKit. This is an amazing platform for influencers and bloggers. This platform was made for us!

This online business allows me to keep track of all of my sponsors and collaborations, create reports, and prove your value. My sponsors love that all my stories, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and blog posts can all be linked on this platform. So all of my work with each sponsor, can easily be collected by hitting report. It also has multiple online calendars to plan your our all of your work, set deliverables, and tasks.

This has been a game changer for me! Everything for every collaboration is in one place. My contacts, deliverables, and links. It makes me organized, and look professional to all my sponsors. No more screenshooting all my analytics, I can send one pretty report to them when the collaboration is over.

Be Present

My job revolves around social media, which can be time consuming. It can take its toll your relationships. Having to document your life for your followers, can sometimes take you away from the moment, you should be enjoying. I have to take time this year, and remember to put my phone down, and be present. My goal is to set times for creating my Instagram content. I can also enjoy myself, take videos or photos, and post later. This is definitely challenging, but necessary for the health of my relationships.

Thank you for reading about my goals for 2020! I want to know yours! Let’s get this train on the tracks and make it the best year ever.

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  1. Deb Novotny says:

    Wow! You have set yourself a lot of worthy goals. I am impressed. I am looking forward to seeing your progress. The same as most of America, my goal is to eat healthier and exercise more. My husband and I are going to Morocco in March, and part of that trip is riding a camel into the Sahara. My biggest fear is not being able to get on the animal, and being left behind – or becoming the trending YouTube video of the fat lady falling off a camel – LOL! Having had a knee injury in September, I have been pretty much a lump as far as exercising goes! Starting today that changes! Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. Robyn Kunko says:

    be more faithful, have more patience, and get more organized and de-clutter.

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