Ways to Increase Your Instagram Engagement

Welcome to Social Sunday! This Sunday I wanted to share some of my Instagram social media tips on how to organically increase your engagement.

Ignore the Numbers Game

Stop focusing on the amount of followers you want, and pay attention to the ones who are already there for you. These are your people, they show up, and you need to pay close attention to them. As you grow your account, you want engaged followers. Followers who will engage with you and connect on a daily basis. As you grow the follower count is less important then your engagement rate.

Power Hour

Your power hour is the hour after you post. This time period is so important to increasing your engagement. When you post to your feed, spend this hour commenting on other peoples photos. They will in return come and comment on your photo during this time. Also be sure to comment back to every single comment on your post. Be sure to comment on those followers posts who take the time to comment on yours.

You will learn over time people will know you are consistent and come seek out your photos each day. They are also needing their engagement increased. People will also show you the love in return when they know they can expect it in return.

Use Hashtags & GeoTags

Instagram allows you 30 hashtags so why not use some? You want use anything relevant to your post. If your sharing a photo of your kitchen you would not want to use #farmhousebedroom you do not want to mislead your followers or potential new followers. By using hashtags and geo tag locations you are more likely to have new followers fall upon your page.

Reply to Your DM’s

Be sure to respond to your messages. Now you may get some you aren’t interested in responding to, we know there are some creepers out there. But if someone is asking you a question or giving you a compliment, thank them for taking the time to start a conversation with you.

Be sure to check out my business partners @itty_bitty_farmhouse blog post on two ways to appear on Instagrams explore page!

Thank you for visiting the blog today! Check out or cozy Winter tour if you missed it!

  1. Jamie Price says:

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Dorcas Wood says:

    This was really helpful Wendy. Thank you very much ?

  3. Thanks Wendy – those are great suggestions! Really appreciate the tips!

  4. Kristin says:

    Thanks for the tips!

  5. Thanks so much Wendy for this information so important and do we geo tags on our photo, should it be our location?



    • Wendy Zock says:

      I always rotate my Geo Tags. Think of it like google if your always using your one city then other people won’t stumble across your page. So I would rotate just to give you a chance to be seen by more eyes.

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