How To Add a Little Vintage to Your Christmas Table

I am all about inspiring you on how to add a little vintage to your Christmas table in just a few simple steps.

We hope this process inspires you to put your own holiday table together this season.  

How To Style a Christmas Tablescape

Start with The Basics

When planning out your table, start with a theme.

This can happen while browsing Christmas decor, what calls out to you?

For my tablescapes, I love to do a ton of layers, heights, and textures.

I am all about mixing whites, woods, and greens in my decor.

You can even start with. focal point and design your table around that.

When you work with natural decor it is very universal and can be used in multiple seasons.


Christmas Tablecloth

I fell in love with this tablecloth.

I love the pops of red and all the greens and pinecones.

It is a little busier then I usually use, but I am covering half of it with a paper runner.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas scroll on table

This paper scroll is from my friend Bea you can also follow her on instagram @zoandjordan. Her shop is full of so many amazing items, and she is so easy to work with on custom items.

We decided to add one of her scrolls to our Christmas table.

I wanted a statement piece and this checked all the boxes.

You can always add a piece of wrapping paper under the scroll if you decide not to use a tablecloth.

You want to make sure the wrapping paper is wider then the scroll, but that makes an affordable, easy option to change out each year.

Cedar Garland on table

I am all about mixing real and faux greenery throughout my home all year long.

You can keep it simple or dress it up, depending on what look you want to achieve.

My go to for a tablescape is faux greenery.

If I am leaving my table decor up all season, it is way cleaner to go faux.

If I was decorating for a party o event I would probably go with real greenery.

layered garland on table
Geen Christmas greenery
layering christmas greenery

Here is a little styling tip, always mix different types of greenery and elements.

The look of different textures really makes this table pop.

We even added in some wood branches with pinecones to break up all the green and tie the wood elements together.

Table Settings

Wood chargers on christmas table

These wood chargers are from my dear friend Christy’s shop you can follow her on IG @gracefulhomedesigns I have had these for years and I use them for multiple holidays.

plastic chargers layered with wood chargers on table

Next I added these plastic white chargers from Michaels. We bought them a few years back for Easter.

They could be used for any season.

Just like my greenery you can see I love to layer the place settings.

Lots of Layering

Merry Christmas Salad Plates

These Christmas plates are sold in a set of 4 from Target.

Small wreath on top of plates

Next step was to bring some greenery to each setting.

You can find these smaller wreaths are also in a set of 3 from Walmart.

small christmas plates
Christmas Napkins on table

I decided to use a plain white napkin with a pop of red since the table runner was very busy.

Incorporating the wood napkin holder to bring out those wood tones.

Christmas Table coffee Mug

I wanted to pull out more red from the tablecloth, I layered our coffee mugs so my guests would also have a dessert plate on hand.

Desserts on Christmas Tablescape

Add in Some Height

Next I wanted to add in some height and something to catch my guests eye.

What screams holiday more than some gorgeous desserts?

Want to know a little secret?

These are actually faux cakes and macaroons from my dear friend’s shop @everythingdawn.

I love to use faux food pops for photoshoots, I will replace these for will real desserts for our Christmas dinner.

Christmas Vintage Tabelscape

Vintage Pieces

It wouldn’t be a true Christmas around my house if I did not incorporate some vintage pieces into my table.

My Santa mug collection always makes an appearance somewhere in my home each year.

I also love to add in some dried fruit sprinkled around the table.

Add in a vintage tree and container, and deer and you are all set to entertain this holiday.

Vintage santa Tin on table

Even my vintage Santa tin made it on the table this holiday.

Vintage Christmas Magazine

Nothing like a vintage Family Circle magazine to get you in the holiday spirit!

Vintage Holiday Christmas Table Tour
christmas table and sign and shelf

How perfect is this sign is from Christine’s shop @thegrayhousedesignco she is an amazing sign maker?

Her work is just impeccable. These adorable curtains are from my mom, you can find her on Instagram @tatteredandtwine.

We hope you enjoyed our tips on how to add a little vintage to your Christmas table.

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How To Add a Little Vintage to Your Christmas Table

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