How to Boost Traffic to Your Blog

It can be a little overwhelming to maneuver all the articles on the internet that talk about how to increase or boost traffic to your blog. You can google it and see the millions of search results, so where do you start? This is definitely a topic bloggers have on their minds!

Why is this such a huge topic? We all want to increase traffic to our blog posts. This means more eyes reading our work, and more chances of increasing our income from our blogs.

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Questions We Ask Ourselves

  • How do I increase traffic to my blog?
  • Why aren’t people reading my blog posts?
  • How can I grow my blog?
Plan Your Content

Plan Your Monthly Content

When you have a blog it is so important to create some sort of editorial calendars to keep your content. Plan out each month and theme, and stay on track. I find it so much easier to plan my content this way, it can be less overwhelming when you break it up. You break down topics for each week, and easily space your work across the month.

Post Consistently

Post Consistently/Great Content

Be sure to post consistently on your blog. Search engines want fresh content, and high quality blog posts. You want your readers to stay on your page and keep coming back.

Keyword SEO Research


It is so important to make sure you are using specific keywords in your blog posts, Pinterest Pins, and website.

Link Your Blog Posts Linktree

Link Your Blog Posts

Be sure to utilize all your social media platforms to link back to your blog posts. When you post a blog share on your Instagram profile and stories, as well as your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You should also link your blog posts to your Pinterest to drive traffic.

Utilize Proper Hashtags

Utilize Proper Hashtags

You want to make sure you are utilizing hashtags on your Instagram posts, stories, and Pinterest pins. Make sure they are relevant to the topic of you post.

Respond to comments

Respond to Comments

You want to make sure you respond to comments on your blog posts relatively quickly. Start a conversation with your readers and interact with them.

Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind Tribes

You may be asking what is Tailwind. This is an amazing marketing tool for Pinterest. It allows you to manage your Pinterest account on a centralized platform. It allows you to schedule months of pins and help you increase your reach. You can easy schedule drafts and have tons of pins automatically pinning each day. Tribes are groups you can join within Tailwind, where you share and comment and build each other up.

Refresh Blog Content

Refresh/Recycle Your Blog Posts

You can always take a well read blog post or more popular posts and revive them so to speak. Refresh photos and content and put a new spin on old work.

Create Freebies

Create Freebies For Reader

Who doesn’t love free tips, tricks, advice, or training? If people are seeking out your topics then they care what you have to offer. So why not reward them for stopping by, or signing up for your email list? Create a training video, worksheet, printable, or even membership to a private Facebook group.

Share the love

Share The Love

Seek out other bloggers in your niche and comment on their blog posts. Leave longer meaningful comments on their posts. You want to land on they radar so if you show them the love, they may turn the favor. You can also link to other blogs in you won content. This is a great idea if it’s relevant to what you are sharing.

Blogging is hard work so just work hard and focus on great content that will keep your readers coming back. They will learn your topics, and your posting schedule, and traffic will come with time.

If your looking for a more detailed one-on-one mentor help with growing your social media please sign up for our free 15 minute introductory call. We can set up a plan and get your on your way to crushing your goals

Check out our post on Why it is important to Plan Your Instagram Content.

Be sure to tell me in the comments how you work to increase traffic on your blog? If you have any questions please leave them below and I will reply!


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