How to Make Adorable Easter Cupcakes

So excited to be sharing how to make adorable Easter cupcakes. They will be the perfect addition to any spring or Easter gathering. You can use your favorite cupcake recipe or use this quick and easy box recipe.

Easter Cupcake Decorations

Easter Cupcake Ingredients

We wanted to create a fun activity with the kids to create Easter cupcakes while stuck at this week. We found most of these items on Target’s website, which we will link below.

Easter Cupcake Decoration

Cupcake Prep

easy CUPcake Mix

Depending on what you prefer or the amount of time you have you can opt for your favorite cupcake recipe or go with a box recipe.

cake ingredients

Since me and the kids worked on these we just opted for a white cake mix for these cupcakes.

uncooked cupcake

Carrot Top Cupcakes

Easter Carrot Candy Topper

These carrots were too adorable to pass up. I just wanted a simple look with the white icing and carrot to top them off.

Icing Cupcakes

Since Nana was over she helped us with the icing. She makes the best homemade icing ever, the kids will verify that.

Easter Cupcakes

These turned out so pretty, almost to pretty eat. But I promise we ate them all!

Carrot Cupcake
Easter Carrot Cupcake

Bunny & Chic’s in the Grass Cupcakes

Grass Cupcake Icing

I had not used the grass tip before so I was a little worried, but it was actually very easy.

spring cupcakes
easter Cupcake green
peep cupcake

Bunny’s and chic popping out of the grass, need I say more? I just can’t get enough of these cuties. We found a grass icing tip at Michaels and it worked perfectly to recreate a grass vibe on these beauties.

Bunny Butt Easter Cupcakes

Bunny Icing

I couldn’t resist making these Bunny Butt cupcakes. They are just adorable aren’t they?

plain cupcake
pretty cupcake

These are a new favorite in our house. We frosted the cupcakes, and topped with Target’s adorable bunny butt decorations. These were not only easy to make, everyone absolutely loved them.

bunny feet cupcake

Such a fun Easter treat, they will be the perfect addition to your Spring party this year,

Bunny Feet Cupcakes

Spring is one of my favorite times to bake, the pastels and bright colorful desserts make everyone smile. We hoped you enjoyed our tips on how to make adorable Easter cupcakes, we cannot wait to share more of our family favorite throughout the season. For another fun recipe be sure to check out our Easter Oreo Cookie Bark.

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How to Make Adorable Easter CupcakesHow to Make Adorable Easter CupcakesHow to Make Adorable Easter Cupcakes

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