How to Create a Killer Feed and Content

How do you create a killer Instagram feed and content that will get your noticed? If your wanting to increase your engagement and following you need to learn how to plan your content in advance.

Are you the kind of person who rolls out of bed and tries to figure out what to post on your social media? I used to be that person, and I learned quickly that was not working in my favor.

Tip #1 Think of Your Feed as a Grid

Work to plan your Instagram content for at least 2-3 weeks out. When you start to look at your Instagram feed as a grid it helps you curate a well-planned attractive feed. I use an app called Preview which allows me to see all my photos and move them around to create a gorgeous grid.

Curated Instagram Feed

I think of each month in terms of a theme, or look I want to achieve. For example once I took down my Christmas decor I knew I wanted to simplify and go back to wood and neutral tones. After Winter everyone is craving green so I wanted to incorporate that into my decor.

Tip #2 Plan your Photo Shoots

So I will typically spend 1 day taking all my photos for an entire month. You may think wow 30 photos in one day how will I achieve that. It’s actually simpler then it sounds. Think about what rooms you want to show your followers. For me its my entryway, living room, kitchen, dining room, laundry room, bathroom, and bedroom. I also incorporate recipes into my feed and blog. So right there are 8 different areas. So if I just take 4 shots in each space I will be covered for the month. Not so overwhelming when you break it down.

Tip #3 Geographically Place Photos

Once you have taken all your photos you can upload them to your planning app of choice (there are a ton out there.) You want to spread out your colors and not have two of the same rooms or similar shots right next to each other or above each other. For example, you don’t want to post three bedroom shots in a row, then 2 kitchen shots. I try and rotate rooms, or do a zoomed in shot for a teaser then 4-5 days later show a full shot of that room. You can take 6 bedroom pics at different angles, and have plenty of photos to use throughout the month. Your photos will keep them on your feed, your content keeps them coming back.

Plan Ahead

Tip #4 Allows for Life to Happen

The number one benefit of planning your content allows you o take control of what you are sharing and when. It also allows you to put more thought into your captions, and hashtags. Life happens and sometimes you don’t have time to find a photo, think of something clever to say, or find the right hashtags. Planning allows time to edit, and provide quality content for your followers. You can always add in last minute photos, but being prepared is always a good thing.

Tip #5 Crafting Your Captions

Connecting with your audience is so important to grow your brand and audience. Do you know who your target audience is? Why are people following you, what service or purpose are you offering them? Once you figurer this out the rest is easy. I also recommend planning out a editorial calendar I use Influencekit. This platform is amazing at keeping my blog, feed, and sponsored content organized. For more info on InfluenceKit head to my Instagram Highlights where I share and show you all the benefits.

Social Media Holidays

Tip #6 Know Your Days

When it comes to social media know what holidays to special days are going on each month. So whether it is national yogurt day or Valentine’s Day, make sure you say something about it.

Be Positive

Be Positive

People want to be uplifted, and inspired. So you want to use you captions to give them a little of what they are searching for. This doesn’t mean you cant share what mountains you have to climb, just try and keep your captions light and positive.

Be You Be Real

Tip #7 Be You, Be Real

Be genuine, be real, and be relevant. Your voice is unique, so own it. Just be consistent and show who you are and the followers will come, and they will stay. Your followers want to know who you are. They want to see your personality shine through your captions.

Thank you for checking out my tips be sure to check out my top 3 favorite photo editing apps.

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