How To Hang Plates on a Wall

Want to know how to hang plates on a wall? Today I am sharing my tips to get the perfect plate wall the first try!

For the last few months I have been collecting floral plates. I had a vision in my mind for a plate wall. As the days passed they just sat on my table and collected dust.

How To Hang a Plate Wall main photo

Not sure why I was so intimidated to hang them, maybe fear of putting a million tiny holes in my wall. As I stared at the big empty space above my dining room table I knew it was time to pull myself together.

I wondered if anyone else out there dealt with this intimidation? Sure enough if you google how to hang a plate wall, you get a ton of search results. Whew, I am not alone!

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So the hardest part for me was to figure out how exactly to hang the plates on the wall. I found these plate hangers and wanted to share them with you.

I wanted to share what worked for me, in case you to are feeling the intimidation.

Step 1: Figuring Out Your Placement

How To Hang a Plate Wall Placement of plates

Gather all of the plates you want to use in your plate wall. Lay them out on the floor or your table. I would recommend you use tape to measure out how much space you have to work with. Take the time to arrange and play around with the plates until you are happy with your arrangement.

Step 2: Trace Your Plates

place plates on paper DIY plate wall

This is an important step and helps you avoid a ton of unnecessary nail holes in your wall. It also helps you allow your self to shift any plates before hanging them on the wall. Next cut out the templates with scissors.

How To Hang a Plate Wall  trace your plates

Step 3: Tape Your Templates to Wall

How To Hang a Plate Wall tape templates to wall

Use painters tape to tape the templates to the wall. You want to make sure the tape will hold and not fall down. I numbered each plate and template to keep myself organized. I also market where the hanger needed to be placed.

Now you can match up your hanger on the wall with your template. Having the middle already dry out was super helpful.

Step 4: Plate Hangers

plate hangers diy plate wall

When it comes to plate hangers you have a few options. You can use disc hangers in multiple sizes, which are awesome if you want the plates to hang flat to the wall. Depending on your type of plates will determine if you can use these. Some plates have a raised pattern on the back which makes it not an optimal surface for these disc hangers.

In a house full of boys I wanted to make sure nothing would fall off the wall and decided in the end to go with plate hangers. I purchased a variety pack if sizes since my plates did vary in size. Since some of my plates were super small I did have to adjust a few of the hangers and make them even smaller.

These seemed like the best option for me. I often use spring themed plates in my photos so I can easily remove them from the wall and put back when I need to.

Be sure to bend the top of the hanger so your plate will lay flat on the wall once you hang them.

To achieve this attach the plate hanger to the wall and lay the plate on a flat surface. You may have to play around with it a little, bend it, and place it back on the hanger a few times.

Hang Your Plates

wall hook for plate hangers

Now that you have attach all your hangers to your plates, it is time to hang them on your wall. My hangers cam with these little attachments that you can put directly on the wall. You will want to measure the distance from the top of the plate, to where the nail will hang. Once you have done that transfer that measurement to the template and gently tap the hook into the wall.

Now it is time to move the template and hang your plates on your wall!

DiY plate wall in spring dining room

This brought so much charm and such a spring vibe to our dining room. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial on wow to hang plates on a wall. Be sure to check out how to style your bathroom shelves for spring.

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How To Hang Plates on a WallHow To Hang Plates on a WallHow To Hang Plates on a Wall
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    This plate wall is so pretty Wendy. You always create the prettiest spaces.

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