How to Style Your Mirrors

Mirror Inspiration from My Friends

Check out how me and some of my favorite Instagram accounts style our mirrors. These girls are definitely ones to follow, so much decor inspiration and style.

Entryway Mirrors

Adding a mirror to you entryway area or table can bring in lots of light and an interesting look to great your guests. If you have the space I love adding a mirror above an entryway bench, table, hooks, or farmhouse peg rail.

@c.b._designs entryway

Bathroom Mirrors

Farmhouse mirrors look amazing over a farmhouse sink. You can add one to six to a wall, lean it up on the countertop, thee possibilities are endless. Whether its a new mirror, or vintage one, it can add so much character to your space. You can see how Andrea @fleur_at_home adding tons of different sizes and shapes to her bathroom, isn’t it gorgeous?

@fleur_at_home bathroom
Itty Bitty Farmhouse Bathroom Mirror
3honeysuckleway Bathroom
@fleur_at_home bathroom
@thecuratedfarmhouse bathroom

Living Room Mirrors

This year layering mirrors has been such a popular trend. You can easily add one to the top of a shelf or add a bunch to a gallery wall. You can break it up by adding different shapes and sized mirrors.

3honeysuckleway Living Room
Target Mirror
@fleur_at_home Living Room
@patina_pine living room
Arhaus Large Mirror
@fleur_at_home living room
@c.b._designs living room
We love how Caroline @c.b._designs has used different sized @arhaus mirrors throughout her home. You can find the Amelia mirrors here (small, medium, large.)

Bedroom Mirrors

I love how this full length mirror from our top ten adds such a gorgeous visual interest to my bedroom. You can easily lean a wall length mirror in a corner where nothing else seems to fit. You can also add a mirror to the top of a dresser, for added decor.

@thecuratedfarmhouse bedroom
Bedroom Mirror Itty Bitty Farmhouse
@c.b._designs bedroom
@patina_pine Bedroom
3honeysuckleway Bedroom

Mantle Mirrors

Using a mirror or layering mirrors on your mantle, is so popular right now. Not only can they be an anchor in your room, they create a great focal point. You can layer multiple mirrors or just add one to make a statement.

@thecuratedfarmhouse mantle
Target Mirror on Right
Mantle Mirror Itty Bitty Farmhouse

Dining Room Mirrors

@c.b._designs dining room
Jessicas Dining Room Mirror
3honeysuckleway Kitchen
@fleur_at_home dining room

When it comes to mirrors, again you can have one or have many. There is no rules you have to follow. Why stop at just one? So use them in every room of your home. Go thrifting, repurpose an old mirror, or buy new. You can’t go wrong with using mirrors in your home decor.

Linking a few vintage mirrors I found on Etsy. Mirror #1, #2, #3, #4.

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Head over to my favorite friends Instagrams and blogs and show them some love. Also comment below and let us know which mirror styling is your favorite.

Caroline @c.b._designs Instagram and Blog

Jessica @itty_bitty_farmhouse Instagram and Blog

Leah @talk_repurposed Instagram

Ambyr @3honeysuckleway Instagram

Blair @patina_pine Instagram

Andrea @fleur_at_home Instagram

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