My Top 5 Favorite Blogs

So as a blogger, I love to read other blogs. While sipping my coffee in the morning, I browse these blogs weekly. These bloggers offer inspiration, and a little sunshine to their readers days.

While balancing life, kids, work, and so many other things, I try and find time to visit my favorite blogs. We all have our reading preferences when it comes to blogs, but I wanted to shaft emu list with you. I gravitate toward these blogs, for many different reasons. One thing they all have in common is their love for a good DIY, craft, or love for their home.

I hope you enjoy my list, please comment and tell me who your favorite bloggers are as well!

Liz Marie Blog

I am sure you know Liz @lizmariegalvan and Jose, and of course little Cope! They have an amazing blog the Liz Marie Blog where they are constantly sharing cozy and inspiring articles.

Her blog is all about sharing DIY’s, cozy spaces, and so much more on their blog. Liz has had so much joy in the last year, it’s hard not to gravitate towards her. If you have followed her she has had so much struggle, and loss in the past. To see the sun shining on her and her family, brings me so much joy.

Liz recently wrote and published a book Cozy White Cottage, be sure to check it out it offers so much inspiration for a cozy home.

Liz recently shared a DIY boot bench that Jose mad for their Mudroom Makeover. We love everything from the pillows, to bench cushions, to that gorgeous floor!

For those who don’t follow Liz she is all about all things cozy, and she never disappoints. She shares every little detail on how to balance out a space, while making it feel like “home.”

Who doesn’t love a good DIY? Liz is always sharing here brilliant ideas on how you can take ordinary objects and transform them into something amazing. In this blog she shared how to make an easy DIY pedestal with candlesticks and bowls or plates. Such a cute way to get creative, don’t you think?

Happy Happy Nester

Janine’s @happyhappynester and her blog Happy Happy Nester is one of my go-to’s for all things crafty. Janine’s feed and blog is so full of color, full of living life to it’s fullest.

Sometimes we just need something to brighten our day, and Janine has us covered. Whether she is sharing her love for a good DIY or how to make a killer charcuterie board, she continue to wow me with her passion.

I have been super obsessed with charcuterie boards lately, like super obsessed. So Janine really wowed me with this elegantly styled board full of bread, cheese, chocolates, and fruit. She shows you how to replicate this step-by-step in her blog.

Recently I featured Janine on my feed with this photo above of her paper flower tutorial. My followers went crazy and could not believe these were faux flowers. Who doesn’t love cherry blossoms? Janine shows you how to recreate this look with some branches, tissue paper, leaf ribbon, scissors, ribbon, and a pencil! Just simply brilliant!

Can I just say that Janine’s holiday tablescapes are breathtaking? So vivid, and colorful I want an invitation to her next dinner party. She recently shared her Valentine’s table decor and it left me speechless. In this blog she shares six tips on how too easily create a romantic Valentine’s Day table. Sharing what you need to focus on to wow your guests and create something special for your next party.

Eye in the Detail

Jessie @eyeinthedetail is one of my favorite DIY-ers! Her blog Eye in the Detail is where she shares all her projects. I met Jesse this last summer at the Haven Conference in Atlanta. Not only is she a fellow military spouse, she is pretty much the funniest person I have ever met. We instantly bonded after our Orange Tank competition loss, but it was meant to be. I don’t think we would have made it to where we are today, had it not been through our bonded over our loss.

Top 10 Tools for the beginner DIY-er

Jessie lights up a room when she walks in, she is so sweet, and always uplifting. She is the type of person who makes friends for life. She is one of the most talented DIY-ers I know. This girl knows her way around a tool box. She does every single DIY on her own, from knocking down walls, to retelling an entire bathroom.

Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge ~ Final Reveal

I could not be more proud of what she has accomplished over the last year. Working with Home Depot, Jeffrey Court, Quikrete, and so many More. Plus how cute is she in a tool belt? I truly believe this girl is going places, and will have her own show one day soon.

From complicated, I could never do that myself DIY’s to simple projects, she shows you that you can do anything if you can get over your fears. She just takes a hammer to it and finds a way to get it done, all while balancing the military lifestyle, and while being an amazing mom.

My 100 Year Old Home

I just adore Leslie @my100yearoldhome and her blog My 100 Year Old Home. I started following Leslie as soon as I joined Instagram a few years ago. She is always crafting, cooking, remodeling, or doing something utterly amazing.

Leslie truly does have a famous 100 Year Old Home. Filming movies, tv shows, and commercials in her home, is a big part of her life. Can you believe that shows like Mad Men, Criminal Minds, Law & Order, CSI Cyber, among many more have been filmed in her home? Commercials to name a few that have bene taped in her home: Blue Bunny Ice Cream, Skittles, Ballpark Franks, Home Depot, Williams-Sonoma, and so many more.

Leslie shares some amazing recipes on her blog. Everything from desserts, charcuterie boards, to her homemade pasta and spaghetti sauce.

When it comes to party planning Leslie offers you all the inspiration you need to pull off a show stopping event. She uses a color coded spread sheet, that will blow your mind. She keeps her cool whether she is planning a party for 10 people or 200.

Leslie recently opened an Airbnb in Waco, Texas . It is only one mile from Magnolia. Her home is so beautiful it even has the original wood floors, wood ceilings, and shiplap. You can sit on thee wrap around porch, and drink some sweet tea. Definitely on my bucket list to stay in next time I am in Waco!

Itty Bitty Farmhouse

You guys probably know my Instagram and real life bestie Jessica from @itty_bitty_farmhouse already. If not she is one of the most amazing humans I know. This girl has a heart of gold, and is smart as a whip.

Jessica’s feed is very warm and cozy!

Sharing some of Jessica’s blog posts for you to check out. Jessica has one of the cutest laundry rooms on Instagram! For a room that is often pushed aside or not often shared, she made this an Instagram staple on here feed.

Can you Shiplap? You Sure Can!!

I love that Jessica does all of her own DIY’s, like her very own shiplap walls! She not only rocks a good DIY, she has so much style. Whether its her OOTD (Outfit of the Day) or styling her home, she offers so many ways to cozy up your spaces.

Can you believe she finally has her own presets? Now you can make your photos look as amazing as hers. She has such style and grace, and I am so excited for this new venture for her.

Ok friends, I would love to hear who your favorite bloggers are! Which blogs do you visit daily? Let me know in the comments below. Have an amazing day!

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