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Can ya’ll believe we made it to a new decade? 2020 means a fresh start…and for me it means a new yearly planner. I wanted to share with you the Heart of the Farm Planner.  I highly recommend it to anyone that is wanting to be more organized and keep on track in the new […]

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Heart of The Farm Planner

heart of the farm planner

Our Holiday Photo Chaos


I would love to tell you that our holiday photo shoot was fun and easy. The picture perfect, easy-going photoshoot, I wish! I always see holiday family photos across Instagram and they look flawless. I think to myself, I wish we have thought of something cute for a family photo. So I said 2019 was […]

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Here are a few tips to save you money in 2020. Change your mindset, change your future spending habits. A new year gives us the perfect excuse to buckle down and find ways to start saving. Let’s Get Debt Free The biggest step you can take it working to become debt-free. You make think this […]


New Years Resolution: That Will Save You Money

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