The Coziest Valentine’s Date Ideas

This year we have come up with the coziest Valentine’s Date ideas for you.

This year it is going to be a family affair, and the kids are so excited. We have been working our way up to this special day, with fun ways we can include the kids in sharing our love.

From crafts to Valentines Day cookies, treats, to love themed charcuterie boards. Sharing some cozy Valentine’s Day date ideas for you and your love!

Piper Classics Farmhouse Bedding

Breakfast in Bed

The best way to your man’s heart is through his belly!

So why not create a delicious breakfast for him to enjoy on Valentine’s Day?

Sometimes it’s nice to slow down and enjoy the morning.

I plan to make the kids and Mike something special for breakfast!

Sarah from @blessedcrazytxnest has the perfect setting

Cozy up by The Fire

Whether you are making s’mores next to a bonfire, or binge watching your favorite romantic movies, a fire can really cozy things up.

Sarah has done an amazing job with her backyard cozy space! A few blankets and pillows and your spouse or kids will love this special treat!

Make a Romantic Dinner Together

Sometimes staying in and having a romantic dinner even include the kids, they love the fancy dishes and glasses!

We have planned a special meal that we will prepare together, and make this night in a cozy one.

Valentines Day Desserts

Wine & Chocolates

Share a bottle of wine and listen too some romantic music.

Wine and chocolate pair very well together, and help create a cozy setting for you to enjoy!

If your not a drinker you can get creative with sparkling juice or even a cup of hot chocolate.

Ice Skating with Your Love

In Pennsylvania there is no shortage of winter activities you can do with your love.

Why not make a day of it, and go ice skating.

You get to cozy up and spend time holding hands, sounds like the perfect date to me.

Take a Romantic Drive

I just love to get in the car and drive, no plans, just end up where we end up.

Whether its an overnight road trip Orr just a quiet peaceful drive, it’s a romantic way to spend the evening.

Put on your favorite music and take in the sights around you.

Game Night

Since we usually stay in with the kids we thought it would be fun this year to host a game night.

We have a few other couple friends with kids, so we thought this would be some competitive fun for us all!

The First Date

One year we decided to recreate our first date, as closely as we could.

As a military family we moved a lot so we are no longer in the same state as where our first date was, but we got creative.

Our first date was in a karaoke bar, where it was so loud we just text each other across the table all night since we couldn’t hear one another.

Not really romantic! However, finding a nice place to go o dinner with not so loud music is always a nice choice too!

Plan a Trip

Even if it is just a day or two, plan to go somewhere you either love or have never been to.

Explore, take a hike, and have a fabulous time together. We love taking family trips, last year we supposed the kids with a trip to Mexico.

We love to run away for the weekend, or even plan a spontaneous week long trip.

You may be wondering what we will be surprising the kids with this Valentines Day. You will have to subscribe to our email list so you don’t miss it!

Don’t forget the gifts! Gifts do not need to be extravagant, just something from the heart.

Write a love note, or give some flowers and a nice box of chocolate. We bought the kids some fun Valentine’s Day treats to enjoy, just a sweet surprise from us to them!


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