How To Make DIY Jadeite Ornaments

Can I say when I saw these ornaments, I was instantly obsessed. I cannot believe easy this project was, so let’s dive in to how to make DIY Jadeite ornaments.

If you are ready to deck your halls, this project is not only affordable it is so fun and easy!

I just love jadeite and have been on the hunt for pieces to use at Christmas, but they often come with a hefty price tag. So why not DIY

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DIY Jadeite ornaments in bowl on shelf mantle

Let’s start by saying, this was super easy, however I did learn a few things along the way that might make this a little easier for you the first go round.

So lets talk about supplies and what you need to get started.

plastic ornaments, paint, cups, on table DIY jadeite ornaments


Here is a breakdown of what you will need for this project, feel free to substitute brands and products as needed.

Americana Pistaccio Paint DIY Jade Ornaments
American Pistachio Mint Paint Color or Jadeite Glass
DIY Jade Ornaments gold paint
DecoArt® Extreme Sheen™ Metallic Acrylic Paint
DIY Jade plastic Ornaments
Set of 35 Textured Plastic Ornaments
paper plates diy jadeite
Paper Plates

Starting Your project

The first thing you want to do is pour a small amount of paint out of the original bottle. You will then add some water, too thin out the paint.

This will help you get better coverage as you pour it into the ornament.

A bit of advice make the paint to water ratio about 1/4 water 3/4 paint.

If it is too thin you will see small spots after it dries that didn’t cover well (learned by experience) here!

Pouring The Paint

Once you have the paint somewhat watered down, you want to pour in into your ornament.

Make sure you swirl out around and shake it (carefully) to get the best coverage.

You want the paint to completely cover the inside of the ornament.

pouring paint into ornaments How To Make DIY Jadeite Ornaments
once paint is added to DIY jade ornaments start moving paint around
diy jadeite ornaments full coverage

Now you want to pour out the excess paint.

I put it into a small bowl so I could easily take the easter paint and put it back into the bottle.

This way you don’t waste it all, and can keep using it on other ornaments, as you go.

pouring excess paint out of the diy jade ornaments

This is where the the small paper or plastic cups will Coe in handy.

Unfortunately the plastic ones I bought were way to big, so I had to improvise.

I flipped cups over and cut small hole in them.

You want to allow all the excess paint to drip out and completely dry overnight.

This is where I realized my paint was a little too thin.

Although it did cover very easy at the time of the DIY it showed the small cracks in the paint the next day.

But that’s ok just makes them look a little more vintage right?

allowing jadeite ornaments to dry and drip excess paint

Painting The Top Of Ornaments

I started hand painting the ornament topper with actual chic paint and saw that was not only easy it was going to take quite a few coats.

I had this spray paint on hand and that ended up not only being faster, it was way easier, with way better coverage.

gold spray paint jadeite orrnaments diy

Final Thoughts

I may go back and add a little more paint to the ornaments, I may not.

The chippy paint is growing on me!

DIY JADEITE ornaments finished on tree with vintage Santas

I hope you enjoyed how to make DIY Jadeite ornaments. Let me know if you make these! Be sure to check out our Pottery Barn dupe Christmas wreath.

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How To Make DIY Jadeite Ornaments Pinterest Pin
How To Make DIY Jadeite Ornaments

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