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Wayfair holiday blogger interview

It’s time to deck the halls! From cozy winter cottage vibes to colorful festive flair, there’s plenty of ways to ensure your holiday decor reflects your personal style. There are so many fun holiday decorating trends coming out this year that it can be hard to choose just one!

So when my friends at Wayfair asked to chat, I was thrilled to share my tips, advice and inspiration for The Holiday Edit. I am so excited to share my cozy holiday decorating trend thoughts with you.

The Wayfair Holiday Trend Q & A with Wendy of The Curated Farmhouse Wayfair: 

As holiday trends change throughout the years, what are some core pieces that you consider decor staples?

Wendy TCF: Some of my holiday decor staples would be: Christmas trees, the mantle, wreaths, garlands, and all things cozy like throw pillows, and throw blankets.

Christmas Tree & Theme

christmas living room

The Christmas tree for me is the most important decor staple. Growing up I cant remember too much about my mom’s holiday decorations, but the tree is still so vivd in my memories. When I think of Christmas decorations I think about the Christmas tree.

The way I decorate my tree sets the tones for the rest of my holiday decor. I love creating a theme for my tree, allow it to tell a story to my guests. There are so many ways you can decorate a tree, from handmade ornaments, to themed or colored tree decor.

Your theme can focus on a color, eclectic colors such as gold or traditional colors like red and green. A tip is to fill in the space, making sure you balance out your decor. I love to add garlands, ribbons, or even bows to my tree for that added finishing touch!


christmas mantle white and wood and green tones decor

A mantle can be a main focal point in any room, so for me it is essential to make sure it is decorated for each season. I love adding a few garlands, and incorporating natural elements like wood decor, pinecones, and branches. Let’s not forget the stockings and wall art either!

It is important to fill up the space, but not to clutter it. I like to do this by adding a variety of decor in different heights. For example you could use different size candles/candlesticks or vases/jars filled with holiday ornaments or fillers.

Don’t have a mantle, Wayfair has you covered with these amazing mantles you can place in pretty much any space in your home. You can DIY your own mantle or choose on already built.

Wreaths & Garlands

cedar garland on table with holiday bulbs

Let’s talk about wreaths! What is the first thing your guests see’s when they arrive at your home? Your front door right? So making sure you make a good impression, and greet them with a holiday hello is super important to me.

I want to invite my friends and family in with a warm and cozy greeting. My Christmas decor always begins at my front door. An easy way to start with your front door decor is a wreath!

The best part is wreaths can be made from pretty much anything. So much room for creativity to show off your Christmas spirit. So whether you choose a Christmas classic like an Evergreen wreath, or a frosted wreath with berries and garlands, the sky is the limit.

For me the theme for my Christmas decor will flow into the wreaths inside and outside of my home. I love to add wreaths to my vintage windows, walls, cabinets, and even on my doors inside my home.

I love a good garland, or twenty! We cannot get enough of garlands, they are so versatile they can be used pretty much anywhere.

Usually I start by layering 2-4 on my mantle, above my windows, and wall decor. Whether you prefer faux or real they really add that perfect finish to your decor.

Pillows and Blankets

christmas pillows and blankets

Oh pillows and blankets, how I love pillows and blankets! Curling up on a couch with a good pillow and soft throw screams cozy to me and my guests. There are so many styles and sizes to choose from when it comes to pillows.

I am a big texture person, so I love to layer a variety of prints, solids, and themed pillows. You will also always find blankets draped across my couches, in baskets, and all around so my guests can always cuddle up with a cup of cocoa and stay warm.

Wayfair: What is your favorite holiday decorating tradition?

Blogger: Every year me, my husband, and my boys decorate their bedrooms. Since they were little this was something we have done together. We decide on a theme each year, shop for the tree decor, put on our matching pajama’s, make cocoa, and decorate their bedrooms. Then we watch our favorite Christmas movies. I love allowing them the room to decorate their spaces the way they want. This is so important especially when I make most of the decisions when it comes to how we decorate the rest of the house.

Retro & Vintage Decor

retro christmas entryway decor

Wayfair: Are there any holiday decor trends that are really standing out to you right now?

Wendy TCF: This year I am seeing a ton of Retro nostalgia decor. Most stores are replicating vintage items, which I haven’t see a ton of in the past. I also see a ton of natural elements, where people are bringing the outdoors in. Greenery, wood tones, and simple decorations to style their spaces. We are also seeing more playful colors, such as pastels and bright bold colors. I see a ton of festive and fun decor splashing onto the 2021 holiday season.

Trendy Holiday Decor

Wayfair: What’s your advice to those looking to incorporate trendier items with classic holiday decor pieces?

Wendy TCF: I am all about the vintage retro decor, I have been collecting vintage Christmas pieces for the past few years. There is just something so nostalgic about reinventing those items we remember from our childhood holidays. Also as a woodworker I love wood tones, fresh and faux greenery, and all the outdoor elements.

Themed Holidays

cabin themed plaid christmas decor

Wayfair: Does your decor follow a theme? What do you gravitate towards when shopping for new pieces to add to your collection while maintaining the theme?

Wendy TCF: Usually each year I am inspired by something. It could be a Christmas sign, ornaments, or even a particular wrapping paper. Then once I have an idea I can start searching for pieces that will match or follow that theme.

Exterior Holiday Decor

outdoor Christmas Garland

Wayfair: Do you decorate the exterior of your home in the same way each year, or do you like to mix it up?

Wendy TCF: We have some staple pieces we use outside each year, but I like to incorporate new pieces in terms of wreaths and garlands each year. Living in a place with harsh winters out outdoor decor tends to take a good beating each year.


Christmas stockings on mantle

Final Thoughts

So you can see why I am obsessed with Wayfair’s holiday decor, they have something for every style. If you are a vintage/retro decor lover, you will be amazed at all the choices they have to fit your decorative holiday theme.

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The Holiday Edit With Wayfair

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